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Battlefield Parody, Clownfield 2042, Has gone out With Multiplayer Modes

Riverside Sports released Battlefiled 2042 parody, Clownfield 2042, and shared more details on its various multiplayer offerings. The developer announced the parody project just two weeks ago, alongside a trailer and Steam listing that hilariously mocked its very own shortcomings. Players who dive into Clownfield 2042, for example, look toward maps replete with “mediocre weather and world events.” Meanwhile, the “basic” enemy AI system will work well enough for the needs from the low-poly first-person shooter experience.

This project from Riverside Sports comes on the heels of the disastrous Battlefield 2042 launch, that was mired in controversy due to its incredibly buggy state. Across all platforms, the most recent Battlefield entry struggled when it comes to performance; it had greater than a fair few graphical hitches, too, a few of which caused some to draw comparisons to CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. At the minimum, DICE has worked towards improving upon the experience by releasing several post-launch patches and promising more fixes for that new year.

Today, December 31, developer Riverside Sports deployed Clownfiled 2042 on PC via Steam. The Battlefield parody features three different maps – Paradise City, The Heat, and War Island. Riverside Sports has additionally detailed its multiplayer modes, including a Free for those referred to as Full-scale Clownfare, Hovercraft vs. AI, and Clownfiled Gateway that allows users to “adjust in-game properties” to experience however they wish. Clownfield 2042 also boasts six weapons, weather events, and a “pretty basic” AI system.

The game description on Steam notes that Clownfield 2042 will likely have a number of bugs. Players need not be worried about them, though. Instead of addressing said issues, the crew at Riverside Sports plans to focus its efforts on rolling out “new skins.”

Battlefield 2042 hit store shelves in mid-November, acting as quite the departure in the remaining franchise's modern entries. For one, the new Battlefield installment lacks a story mode. The title also moved from the traditional Class System in support of something that emphasizes Specialist roles, much towards the chagrin of many a longtime fan. With publisher Electronic Arts looking to further expand upon the Battlefield universe having a renewed vision helmed by Vince Zampella, reason suggests the series won't soon cease making changes towards the core formula.

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