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Book of Travels Preview

Online multiplayer games in many cases are about power, whether gauging strength and depth of a party in World of Warcraft or even the all-out action and demands of the likes of Apex Legends. As a result, people who desire a more enjoyable experience might not have found a house in online gaming at this time. This could be about to change, because of Book of Travels from developer Might and Delight.

Book of Travels is described as a TMORPG – a little Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The player awakes in a beautiful and hypnotic fairytale, creating their own character and exploring their environment for more information about the world and it is inhabitants. On the way they are able to also meet and support other players, only with a more seven players per server.

This small scope doesn't only connect with the amount of other players that users will interact with. Book of Travels isn't about saving the world, just as one all-powerful wizard, or amassing enough wealth and robust artifacts to create Scrooge McDuck jealous. It is a game that is minimalist in the core approach, a title that is about journeys instead of goals.

Book of Travels is equally as bold with regards to its visual design, with Might and Delight building on which worked wonderfully because of its Shelter series. The game is lovely to look at, with layers without anyone's knowledge and foreground shifting interior and exterior view as the player traverses the world. It's very atmospheric, almost akin to the final chapter of Kentucky Route Zero.

That said, it's clear that Book of Travels isn't quite the entire experience yet, with Might and Delight not rushing the sport when it enters Early Access soon. For now solo players may enjoy the groove of their gameplay and the isolation of the journey, but playing with others is the greatest choice at the moment. It doesn't make a difference to the atmosphere, but experiencing it with friends will probably improve matters – and it'll help with the game's rare moments of combat.

Overall, Book of Travels is definitely an interesting prospect that sits inside a unique devote the internet multiplayer space. Might and Delight has crafted something which is contemplative and nuanced in a genre that's rarely focused on such matters, and as such players who normally stear clear is going to be thinking about what Book of Travels provides. It's certainly a daring venture, and something to keep track of.

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