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Far Cry 7 Will Be More Online Multiplayer-Focused, Rumor Claims

Reportedly, the up to now unannounced Far Cry 7 will feature much more of a multiplayer focus when compared with its many predecessors. Ubisoft's first-person open-world franchise has boasted its fair share of online functionality in yesteryear. Both Long way away 4 and Cry 5 included co-op gameplay options, although the multiplayer components themselves were burdened with caveats. Within the fourth mainline entry, for example, co-op only worked for side missions; Long way away 5 wouldn't let players transfer progress between their own game and that of the partner's.

But Ubisoft's interest in online play is continuing to grow considerably over the years, with the publisher recently confirming plans to invest more aggressively in live services. Notably, the final two Assassin's Creed titles, Odyssey and Valhalla, saw the publisher morph the live service model into one befitting post-launch support for single-player games. And the next major AC entry, Infinity, will dive even deeper in to the service-driven business. Given reports of the drastically different direction for a lot Cry following the sixth mainline installment, it should be no real surprise that Ubisoft might have its sights focused on more robust online offerings.

According to an unnamed Axios source (via VGC), the following Long way away title may heavily emphasize online functionality. This report follows on the heels of teases that suggest Ubisoft will create a multiplayer-focused Long way away adventure. And the apparent tease itself surfaced via QR codes present in Far Cry 6 that connect to a six-second video. Fans for example YouTuber JorRaptor posit the clip's imagery either shows an unannounced multiplayer mode or perhaps an video game. Ubisoft remains mum around the matter at present.

As noted above, this isn't the very first time rumors have claimed Ubisoft will approach the realm of Far Cry with a different tact next time around. The report stems from comments made by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, who said in Episode 58 of the Triple Click podcast that a post-Far Cry 6 endeavor is going to be spearheaded by a “radically different direction.”

Taking the good reputation for the long-running series into account, a multiplayer game doesn't necessarily mean single-player will sit on the sidelines. In the last 5 years alone, for example, Long way away Primal and New Dawn have served as interstitial spinoff adventures. Reason suggests the supposed online-oriented title could play a similar role when it comes to Ubisoft's content releases.

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