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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Releasing A Month Early, Rumors Say

Rumors suggest developer 343 Industries will unleash the Halo Infinite multiplayer suite next week, nearly 30 days ahead of the shooter's full release. Given that it had been announced during E3 2022, Halo Infinite inarguably counts because the most anticipated of Xbox's forthcoming titles. Plans were initially in place for it to hit stores late last year alongside Xbox Series X|S; however, an assorted response to its gameplay showing at Microsoft's July 2022 showcase encouraged the developer and publisher to increase the production cycle by another year.

Suffice it to state, the protracted development worked wonders for Halo Infinite. Much of what's been shown in the last several weeks impressed even those among the Halo faithful who seem hardest to impress. The continuing multiplayer-related reveals continuously raise the hype, too. And the Technical Preview left players itching for an opportunity to leap in to the complete experience. Interestingly enough, it appears the wait to complete exactly that is coming to a finish much earlier than expected.

Corroborating claims produced by Twitter user HaloDotAPI, YouTuber NateTheHate2 alleged that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will go live on Monday, November 15. Apparently, Microsoft and 343 Industries intend to deploy the internet suite as a “birthday surprise” in celebration of Halo's and Xbox's 20th anniversary. (The initial Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved hit stores shelves on November 15, 2001.) As always, though, it is best to take such news having a touch of suspicion for the time being.

What better way to celebrate the anniversary from the Xbox compared to mothering sunday surprise.

I can independently confirm & reveal to you today that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be made available on Monday, November 15.

Suit up, Spartans.

— NateTheHate2 (@NateTheHate2) November 12, 2022

At time of writing, neither Microsoft nor 343 have responded to the rumor in question, which originally began on offer yesterday, November 11. But when NathTheHate2 is right within their declare that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will launch like a “birthday surprise,” reason indicates confirmation from the two companies wouldn't surface until November 15. Allow the waiting game commence.

Regardless of once the online functionality drops, the entire Halo Infinite experience won't go love another couple weeks. In addition to a rather robust multiplayer suite, the title can come full of its long-awaited single-player campaign. 343 is keeping two modes, particularly, though – Forge and Campaign co-op. Both gameplay modes were delayed to 2022 with no firm due date announcement, yet players can get Forge to arrive during Halo Infinite Season 3. Because the third season of post-release content is slated for roughly 3 months after launch, it's possible the amount editor will emerge sometime next summer.

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