5 best Overwatch 2 PvP Changes

A recent developer livestream focusing on the alterations in PvP in Overwatch 2 has revealed some interesting information that's sure to divert the sport from the current play style. We'd a glimpse into the game before, with BlizzConline captured, but we mostly centered on PvE. Here are some of the biggest changes designed to PvP in Overwatch 2 so far.

Top 5 PvP Changes in Overwatch 2

PvP should be 5v5 instead of 6v6

This change to 5v5 was likely a large shock to current Overwatch regular players as the game has been running as a 6v6 since launch and changing the number of players on each team isn't any small feat. This is actually the type of change that couldn’t really be implemented into the current game because it’s this type of big change. It will be interesting to learn more about balancing and just how this format is changing the gaming experience. The new format drops a fish tank so each team has two supports, two points of harm and something tank. More information about this change and how it could modify the game can be found here.

Tanks to be less passive and much more of a brawl

One great thing that emerged in the livestream is that the tank role in Overwatch 2 is a lot more focused on distributing damage and fighting the enemy team than protecting your team as the tank’s main function. The intent here's prone to balance out tank wait times, which is the least common role right now, with damage sometimes taking Ten minutes to locate a game and tank almost instantly. For instance, Reinhardt will have two fire strikes and Winston will have a new secondary fire laser.

Role passive

Role passives are simply certain skills that players might have depending on their role (damage, support or tank). It seems that damage players move faster than other roles, support players receive slow self-healing (much like Mercy in the current format), and tanks have less recoil and provide less ultimate charge to players who damage them.

New game modes

In a fresh game mode called “Push”, both teams compete to push a robotic that starts inside a central place to the other side. Both teams battle for charge of this robot, that is in contrast to the payload cards in the current game, in which the teams either defend or push the payload and swap each round. Other game modes are also coming, but we don’t have information about them yet. It has been confirmed that the ‘2CP’ (Assault) regular game mode will be removed for competition in Overwatch 2, which will be a delight for many regular competitive Overwatch players.

New cards and hero skills

It has been announced that heroes is going to be receiving additional skills or perhaps completely redesigned when preparing for Overwatch 2. This can be a really big change, but we don’t possess a lot of information yet, and that's why this transformation has been grouped with the new cards. To date we've got some details about the upcoming Rio, Ny, Toronto and Monte Carlo cards and they definitely look exciting, however it will be difficult to say how prepaid credit cards will modify the game until players see them experience on your own.

Overwatch 2 is anticipated to begin no sooner than 2022. Go to the official Overwatch for more information website.

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