How you can curve and praise the ball

Knockout City is a straightforward game on the surface, but there are many special throws that you can use to twist and toss the ball to throw your enemies off guard. You may also take other special actions, for example B. Throw your allies instead of a ball or ball yourself up. There are lots of ways of master, but spending a little time practicing can combine your throws and score more points for your team. Here is a introduction to all of the special throws in Knockout City.

How to Curve a Toss in Knockout City

To curve a throw, you must do a twist jump before throwing the ball. You are able to spin jump by pressing the Circle / B button on the controller or the E button on the PC. If you're throwing the ball while carrying out a twist jump, throw a curveball either to the left or to the right, depending on how you're pointing. As you move left while spin jumping, you curve the ball left. Moving directly in mid-air will make the ball curve to the right. This can be used skill to toss balls around corners and catch opponents off guard for easy taking out.

How to throw praise

To throw a throw, you must do a flip jump before throwing the ball. You can flip jump by pressing the Triangle / Y button on a controller or the Q button using the pc. If you toss the ball while doing a flip jump, throw the ball upward. This really is ideal for surprising opponents as most people don’t consider looking for incoming balls above them. You can also toss the ball on the wall to get an enemy who is behind cover.

So throw your teammates

To throw other players, they must first press R1 / RB on the controller or even the Alt key using the pc. That way they are able to roll around and you may pick them up as if these were a ball. After that you can throw them normally, however, you may charge the throw to create a special bombing attack that sends them into the sky to keep your opponents off can attack above. This charged bomb throw knocks out any enemies held in the blast radius instantly and it is one of the best moves hanging around.

Knockout City is available these days for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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