MotoGP 22 Review

It’s unfortunate that gamers who choose a certain kind of game have to settle for marginal improvements year after year.  Like EA and Madden has with their long-running football series, Milestone has a stranglehold on the motorcycle racing genre.  This is especially true if you’re looking for the licensed MotoGP product.  There are some other competitors available every so often, but motorcyle racing purists are likely going to still gravitate towards the MotoGP series.  Recently, it’s been baby steps for MotoGP.  Graphics have gotten somewhat better between your previous console cycle which one.  Obviously the higher frame rates and improved graphical fidelity help when looking at the game in a five year window, but taking a look at what this game looked and played like last in 2022 and searching at the new game and you’re going to have a problem telling them apart.

However, MotoGP has come a long way over it’s history.  This can be a series that been kicking for more than Two decades.  It’s kinda like NBA 2K or Madden in some regards.  Largely for the reason that it’s always been at the head of the class regardless of whether the changes that were being made were noticeable from year upon year.  The progress is being made, sure, but when you’re playing farmville year upon year, the alterations here aren’t likely to be much, but there’s one hugely cool addition that might make it well worth the admission price.

MotoGP 2022 has a lot of real-life riders, awesomely detailed real-world tracks, along with a lot of features that you can sink the teeth into.  Across the numerous ways to play, I would say the most enticing is the new NINE Season 2009.  That is basically a historical number of challenges inside a pivotal year for MotoGP where the riders were in an up and down battle across the season.  The drama is heightened in the presentation of this mode, having a documentary to fill in all of the details something along the lines of what you’d receive from a 30 for 30 on ESPN.  This mode is sort of a situational challenge mode, pass this rider, and finished a certain place.  Contain the lead.  Create a comeback.  You know the drill if you’ve played any recent sports game, they just about all have this nowadays.  It requires you across the full swathe of tracks and you’ll see some interesting scenarios on the way.  This really is basically that hugely cool addition which was referenced earlier.  It’s definitely entertaining using the dual angle of informing and allowing you to play things out.

Aside from that though, in terms of the other modes available, it’s going to be pretty similar to last year’s offering.  What’s worse is the fact that there really doesn’t seem like there’s been all that much put into things like the consumer interface, character models or many facets of the game for instance.  I suppose whether it ain’t broke don’t repair it, but at the same time the job mode looks like a carbon copy of MotoGP 2022.  There might be subtle changes, but towards the untrained eye a lot of things has been reused this year.

On the track, MotoGP 2022 quite a bit of fun to experience.  This series has always captured the feeling of speed perfectly in these games which once again is true in 2022.  As the controls aren’t everything unfamiliar from previous iterations, if you haven’t played one of these simple in a while, the riding comes with an awesome feel to it.  If you like racing games, but have always stuck to four wheels, MotoGP 2022 will have you on your toes with great physics.  This kind of racing is extremely rhythmic and it’s perfect for video games.  Leaning interior and exterior corners and pushing the bike towards the limit is simply awesome.  The traveling in Moto GP is excellent around the track and that’s all highlighted because these renowned tracks look so good this season as well.  With a numerous conditions to ride in, and movie perfect replicas of the real thing.. MotoGP 2022 certainly delivers all over again when it comes to the sights, sounds, and gameplay.

Aside in the Nine Season 2009 mode, the developer touts some pretty obscure back from the box features for 2022.  Including enhanced tutorials as well as an adaptive difficulty system.  I guess if you’re hopping into MotoGP for the first time, there's a small learning curve.  However, MotoGP is part arcade and part sim, like many racing games these days.  That adaptive difficulty will come into play though, because it’ll allow you to actually benefit from the game as you’re coming to terms using the proven fact that there’s a bit more finesse involved in racing bikes that in other racing titles.  One of the other things that said was said to be improved was in the level of realism.  While that might be true on the road, the in-between continues to be a bit last-gen looking.  When confronted with pit and other pre-race priorities, the smoothness models don’t look they’ve been improved that much at all.

That said, the NINE 2009 comes with a way of setting it’s hook in your soul.  Whether it does, it opens you up to playing through the managerial mode, which is basically a complete fledged simulator from the 2022 season.  This aspect of the game has so much licensed content with real world riders, the official circuits, plus historical riders no more on MotoGP.  For those that want a complete deep experience you can also sink into the Managerial Career that's introduced in the past versions, and like we said it’s a little more of the same.  However this mode allows you to control many different aspects of the racing career from technique to training, allocating resources and more.  Of course, there are some quick mode style games too or you can head online to face opponents if that’s your bag.  We didn’t get a chance to check on this aspect of the game out just before this review.  That said, there are some things that have been added that might be of worth with a folks available.  Such as the inclusion of 2-player local co-op and cross-play on consoles of the same brand.

Though again, it’s kinda the same situation that you simply end up along with games that have a stranglehold on their genre.  A new one of these has to come out each year, therefore the changes are going to be fairly minimal most years and in certain years bigger.  This is one of those lateral years for MotoGP.

The Verdict

All in most, MotoGP 2022 is a bit more of the identical, impressive as it may be.  This year’s inclusions don’t do much to overhaul anything in particular, but that year 2009 Nine challenge mode is really a blast to experience and incredibly informative if you want sports drama.  MotoGP 2022 isn’t perfect, but it’s about as good as it gets with regards to the genre.

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