WarioWare: Get it Together! Review

It is a really long time since there has been a solid WarioWare game because the Wii times of Smooth Moves or even the Nintendo ds lite times of Touched! The franchise did see titles come out on their own major systems over the years, however they didn’t obtain that type of lasting power like the former two.

However, using the recent discharge of WarioWare: Have it Together! situations are looking mostly good for the way forward for this series, and this game in particular. WarioWare: Get it Together! provides a lot of fun from the beginning to if you decide to stop playing. There really is no finish to this game, unless you count the credits in the short story mode.

WarioWare games typically don’t have a lot of endgame content being that they are party games in mind, so the true endgame is playing with friends. That one, though, has a lot more than you would think. Get it Together! stays true to the WarioWare formula by having a healthy choice of different ‘micro games’ as well as that wacky vibe that is within this series.

You have your typical all-star cast in the series like this writer, Wario, and his pals like Mona, Orbulon, Jimmy T, Dribble and Spitz, and so on. They all have their quirks, some background stories, and themes to their games.

These micro games are like minigames, but are much quicker and smaller. Usually, they’d get one simple objective like “fill in the nostril” or “knock the table over” or “dodge this object”. They continue for less than Ten seconds, in most cases get quicker the more you progress inside a game’s session. The only ones that keep going longer would be the boss micro games, which feel more like mini games at best.

The game also preserves the wacky games, toilet humor, funnily drawn backdrops, and multitude of references like other WarioWare games. Wario is still greatly attracted to any types of means to obtain riches, Mona is simply attempting to do her best in school and her work, Jimmy is well into his music and sports over anything else. Every character is much more than just a back story and accomplice of Wario. They’re unique when you actually play as them.

This may be the game’s most unique feature. Picking characters actually matters to some extent in this game. Though, first, you will have to unlock them by playing the storyline mode. To include ease to your mind, the storyline mode can be carried out one sitting. Many might dock this game’s overall rating down due to the story’s length, but like I said, there is a lot more than you would think.

The characters within this game have the ability to different playstyles. They’re not only tied to the theme of the micro games you play. You’ll actually use the characters in the micro games as though these were inside them. They’re all also associated with some type of platforming, side scrolling shooter, or other 2D game tropes.

WarioWare: Get it Together! implements this perfectly in its story’s premise. Wario had just created his latest gaming device, but it malfunctions horribly, sucking in him and every one of his friends in to the game. You begin off as Wario; he has to venture through his bug-filled game and rescue all of his pals. This is why screenshots and footage of the game shows all of the characters looking the same size and additional small.

You’ll have your standard character like Wario who's an exciting rounder, but excels in pushing things to the right or left. Other examples are just like 9-Volt, who'll skateboard right and left, but has vertical reach because of his yo-yo. There are lots of other fun tropes to see with each individual character, making subsequent playthroughs of the different microgames various different every time.

There are 18 different characters to use hanging around. So pair that with the 200+ micro games to partake in. To add much more to the possibilities, at least on the personalization side, you are able to customize this roster the way you like. You can edit the characters’ outfit colors by leveling them up.

We actually have guides regarding how to gain levels characters and how to obtain the currency to assist level them up. You can read on that on this link. Character customization gives players much more of an incentive to experience the game more.

If it isn’t enough, WarioWare: Have it Together! also has weekly challenges through the Wario Cup. It’s the only real element of the sport that has any online functionality into it, which is a small letdown. There isn’t any online multiplayer which takes away from some of the possible replay value.

However, like a local multiplayer game, WarioWare: Get it Together! does great. You are able to have fun playing the story mode and Play-o-pedia with another person. The range Pack mode can go up to four players, but don’t use the standard micro games that almost all the game uses.

The Verdict

WarioWare: Get it Together! is an extremely fun game as soon as you pick it up. It has a generous selection of over 200 micro games to sink your time into. Pair that with the various playstyles of the characters, and you have yourself a lot more than just a one and done game. It will hurt the sport a bit there isn’t a real online multiplayer, however the package is complete from the beginning.

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