Fan Animation Combines Genshin Impact with OMORI

Genshin Impact takes heavy inspiration from Japanese anime and the existing long good reputation for RPGs, Zelda-likes, and open-world titles from around the world. However, the game's all-around adorable aesthetic translates surprisingly well into more specific and different art styles. Now, one Genshin Impact fan combines the open-world RPG's characters using the distinctive art style of the indie hit OMORI.

OMORI was heavily inspired by Earthbound, another cult hit having a psychedelic art design plus some staggeringly dark moments. However, where Earthbound was largely a surreal and comedic romp, OMORI rapidly reveals itself to be a surreal nightmare full of uncomfortable reminders from the harsh reality the dream was designed to escape. Once the protagonist begins to reconnect using the real life, the dream even actively turns on him to keep him motionless up with his life.

Redditor Arcade_Pony shared a short animation that translates a big chunk of the Genshin Impact Mondstadt cast into the iconic art style of OMORI. The fan art depicts Aether and Paimon encountering several other characters in the style of one of OMORI's real-life battle sequences. Which means that the exotic costumes of Genshin Impact happen to be replaced by more down-to-earth outfits, and the whole scene is rendered in looping animation. OMORI's art style is deliberately cartoony, reminiscent of pencil crayon drawings, but the proportions lend themselves well to capturing anime characters.

In the post, Amber, Kaeya, Fischl, Klee, Bennet, and Sucrose are provided preparing to attack Aether and Paimon. All six seem to be depicted with moving character portraits that demonstrate their readiness to fight. Aether and Paimon, meanwhile, have headshots shown at the bottom corners from the screen. Combat in OMORI frequently involves governing the characters' moods for a number of effects. Aether's current mood is displayed as Neutral, while Paimon's is Angry. The screen openly asks what Aether and Paimon will do and gives the option to either fight or run away.

As of writing, it seems that other Genshin Impact fans are very taken with the crossover. Several users expressed fascination with Amber being reimagined as a delinquent, especially since she's introduced as a trouble-prone knight. Another user decided that Bennet and Fischl would make excellent parallels to OMORI's Kel and Maverick. A second user declared that the only method to win the battle was to pepper spray the Knights of Favonius, referencing how one battle in OMORI is concluded. Generally, the post's concept and overall animation were warmly received.

Genshin Impact is available to play now on Android, IOS, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version happens to be in development.

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