Former PlayStation Exclusive Godfall Receives Xbox Rating Ahead of April 7 Release

Godfall was initially confirmed like a PlayStation 5 console exclusive back in the 2022 The Game Awards show. This game was created by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software, being a multiplayer focused looter-shooter title with heavy focus on melee combat. While it also released on PC being an Epic Games Store exclusive, the console exclusivity deal was timed, with Godfall getting a port to the PS4 console this past year. This backport was announced alongside its first expansion Fire & Darkness at E3 2022.

With Godfall no longer beholden to be a PS5 console exclusive, this allows for that title in the future onto other systems. More specifically, Godfall: Ultimate Edition will be visiting the Xbox One and Xbox Series X later this month, that will provide players the entire experience right out of the gate. Including not only the bottom game, but additionally all its post-launch content including the aforementioned Fire & Darkness expansion.

The ESRB has provided Godfall's Xbox ports a rating ahead of its release on April 7, detailing that it will be rated T for Teen, much like its PlayStation counterpart. It specifically cites "Animated Blood" and "Violence" for its rating of Godfall, which coincides using the melee action gameplay coupled with its looter shooter mechanics. The rating summary even picks out a good example in which the characters may have splatters of blue blood to punctuate the gameplay.

This rating for Godfall also mentions how players can communicate with each other, due to its co-operative nature. Since this rating is only for that Xbox versions of the game, it only lists that Xbox One and Xbox Series users can enjoy with one another. It doesn't list the PC or PlayStation versions from the game under this category so crossplay is unlikely to be implemented at this time.

The reputation of Godfall still remains around the mixed to negative spectrum, with some taking umbrage using its loot-based progression and implementation falling short. The sport was handed further black-eyes due to a series of controversies, for example Godfall: Challenger Edition which contained less content than the base game. This controversy stood out even more than it should probably have since it would be a free PS Plus game for December 2022. The release of the game around the Xbox is going to be interesting to see if it will result in any renewed interest or future developments.

Godfall is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions launching April 7.

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