Ghostwire: Tokyo – All Fire Jizo Statue Locations

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, the player takes the function of Akito, who must stop the incursion of ghastly Visitors with the aid of the mysterious KK. KK provides Akito, the player, with elemental powers of wind, water, and fire to help break the rules against their invasion.

These powers do not come free, however, so the player will constantly be needing to manage the quantity of ammunition they've available. Fortunately, there are correlated elemental Jizo statues hidden all throughout Tokyo the player can activate to improve the amount of power they can use. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Jizo statues are available everywhere, but there are only seven from the fire variety.

Fire Jizo Statue Locations

Akitsu Shrine

There is one fire Jizo in the Akitsu Shrine area. It's located southeast of the shrine map marker. It's tucked behind a building adjacent to a tunnel under the overpass.

Hitani Shrine

There is one fire Jizo located in Hitani Shrine. It will be within the building block that is immediately north of the one the shrine map marker is in. It is in a narrow alleyway left of where the road bends.

Kamio Shrine

There's one fire Jizo in the Kamio Shrine. It is southwest from the shrine map marker. The gamer is encouraged to use Spectral Vision to assist pinpoint its location while on the floor. It will be right next to a white pickup truck along with a bike rack.

Mikubo Shrine

There is one Jizo statue in the Mikubo Shrine. If the player goes directly west from the shrine map marker and then follows the overpass south, eventually they should find it having a tree near the road on the left side.

Shiroyama Shrine

There's one fire Jizo in the Shiroyama Shrine. If the player goes directly east from the shrine map marker, they should eventually hit the Hoarder House. The Jizo statue is simply southeast of this house, tucked in a corner in a paved clearing.

Utagawa Shopping District Shrine

There is one fire Jizo within the Utagawa Shopping District. When the player spawns in the shrine, they can simply go upright the steps after which have a slight left at the top towards the alley with vending machines. The gamer should begin to see the fire Jizo within this little paved clearing; it is across from the payphone.

Yashin Shrine

The Yashin Shrine will mark the last fire Jizo statue the player can activate. This Jizo is right outside the entrance of the construction site in which the shrine is. When the player spawns at the shrine, they can go immediately left to consider a good start. If they exit the development site in the southwest entrance, they should see the Jizo on the southern corner.

Ghostwire: Tokyo can be obtained let's focus on PS5 and PC.

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