Crusader Kings 3: How you can Fabricate a Claim

Crusader Kings 3 is a delightfully complex game, with a lot of pieces constantly moving beneath the intentionally limited look at the gamer. Plots, schemes, wars, territorial and succession disputes – neither of the two cease to exist solely because they bear little concern to the player, for that map of medieval Europe (and beyond) is really a living creature of simulated chaos in Paradox Interactive's strategy game. Players will want every edge they can find to help make the most in navigating Crusader Kings 3's intricate political waters.

Fabricating claims is an integral part in furthering the strength of a player's dynasty in Crusader Kings 3, because it directly leads into possibilities to expand one's Realm. Players who've amassed a strong army to deal with their neighbors, and the coin to keep it, will no doubt wish to seize the moment to grow beyond their borders and gobble in the neighboring lands to their benefit. One cannot merely declare war in Crusader Kings 3 according to whim alone; however – a valid Casus Belli is also required.

How you can Fabricate a Claim

A fabricated claim counts like a valid Casus Belli, and therein lies its value, as obtaining a Casus Belli as a minor Count, or Countess isn't any small feat. The first step players may wish to do to fabricate claims is open their Council screen in Crusader Kings 3.

This can be done by either pressing F4, or by hitting the teal-colored throne icon around the right side from the screen. The councilor the players will need to fabricate a claim for is their Court Chaplain.

The Court Chaplain is generally found on the top right spot in the Council overlay, near the ruler's spouse, and the option to Fabricate a Claim will be depicted by having an icon of a hand grasping a blue shield. Clicking on it after which clicking on a land of the choosing (as long as they are within diplomatic range), the players will direct their Court Chaplain to begin the work they do.

While success is guaranteed, the higher the Learning attribute of a player's Court Chaplain, the quicker the fabrication process is going to be. The characters in Crusader Kings 3 are plenty of and diverse, and knowing how to build a council of capable people is essential to have a prosperous Realm.

Once the Court Chaplain finishes fabricating a claim, the player will be met having a choice to either acknowledge the claim for around gold, or to refuse the claim at a cost of prestige. Accepting it'll yield an Unpressed Claim that may certainly be used like a valid Casus Belli to declare war on the titleholder (and perhaps their liege if applicable).

Crusader Kings 3 is currently available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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