New In our midst Skins Prove the Game Still Holds Weight

The impact that Among Us has had on the game market is undeniable. Because it first surged to popularity, it has inspired a number of imitators among both AAA games like Fortnite and other indie developers, producing a lot of different takes on its simple but effective social deduction loop. Nowadays, though, Among Us doesn't get as much attention as it once did. Most of the top YouTubers and Twitch streamers who played the game obsessively have managed to move on to greener pastures, meaning Among Us gets a lot less of the disposable publicity that it enjoyed for a lot of 2022.

That doesn't mean Among Us is dead, though. On the contrary, there's solid evidence that the brand is still extremely valuable. Among Us developer Innersloth just teased several crossover skins with hugely popular franchises, and although they're just the latest Among Us collaborations, the properties in question have so much sway that it's almost shocking to see them join Among Us. Even although the game isn't a favorite among Internet content creators anymore, the sport still has a lot of support in the video game community, both from loyal players and from members of the sport industry who see value in Among Us.

The most recent Among Us Cosmetics

Innersloth just teased crossovers with a few different franchises. While Innersloth had mentioned plans for a Ratchet and Clank set of cosmetics before, it has also revealed that a Halo skin will join Among Us soon. As one of the foundational franchises within the FPS genre, Halo is indeed a heavy-hitter, so seeing a small indie studio like Innersloth collaborate with Halo is really something. Among Us' major guests don't end there, though. Ghostface in the longstanding horror franchise Scream is also getting an Among Us costume, connecting Innersloth with a major movie brand.

The Halo and Scream skins are the latest in a line of significant Among Us crossovers, including the Arcane crossover skins that advertised Riot Games and Fortiche's League of Legends show. Many of these brand deals combined inform you that the video game industry sees Among Us like a highly influential brand that's worth dealing with. It's true that few indie games achieve the type of acclaim and hype that Among Us did in its prime, so it's no real surprise that so many other franchises wish to use it. So long as Among Us can attract players with the help of other IPs, the social deduction game could grow.

In our midst Perseveres

Among Us may not be a universal game anymore, since its top players have remaining it behind, but that's not saying that Among Us is really a dead game. Still it gathers thousands of viewers on Twitch every single day, and it keeps a healthy average player base too. Innersloth is also spending so much time to help keep Among Us interesting with new updates that give fans new ways to play and better reward them for their playtime. Ironically, the recent DDoS attack around the Among Us servers is really a manifestation of its significance too.

Altogether, Among Us doesn't need massive celebrity support to be able to succeed. At this time, Innersloth is wisely attempting to stabilize the sport and boost the experience for its regular players. Adding new roles to Among Us is a superb way to enhance the gameplay experience, and also the good flow of crossover cosmetics keeps the sport aesthetically interesting too. There are still plenty of new Among Us features on the way, and there's bound to become more interesting crossovers in the works too. Among Us remains a star of indie gaming, and it is deals with AAA entertainment franchises prove that loyal fans aren't the only real ones who still see Among Us' worth.

Among Us is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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