Elden Ring Guide Explains Intended Route Without Ruining Any Side Quests

One of Elden Ring's greatest strengths, a strength all From Software's games have for instance, is when nonlinear the experience could be. Elden Ring players can progress through the game as they wish, missing huge amounts of story, boss fights, and equipment. One player's Elden Ring experience could be dramatically different from another's. It does mention an interesting question, however. If Elden Ring had an "intended" route with the game, what would it's? Luckily, one massive Elden Ring fan believes they've an answer.

Reddit user Athrek, a residential area guide creator that is prolific for his or her work associated with Elden Ring, has dropped his latest effort. He calls it the "Guide to the 'Intended' Path to Cope with the Game Without Breaking Everything (Minimal Spoilers)," that is a mouthful but very descriptive. Because the title implies, the guide will take Elden Ring players with the open-world RPG as though it was a linear experience, so players don't break the sport or miss what's important.

Obviously, "intended" can mean different things to different people, let alone what From Software itself may believe is the intended route for Elden Ring. What Athrek believes is that this guide will have players go through the game "within the safest possible way," featuring all Elden Ring's "intended story." But he says it isn't at all the "intended way to play" and removes much of the game's open-world experience. As a result, Athrek recommends by using this guide for a second or third playthrough and encourages players to understand more about and discover Elden Ring's mysteries on their own, first.

Guide to the "Intended" Route With the Game Without Breaking Everything from Roundtable_Guides

While Athrek doesn't detail just how they put together the guide, they do state that the main source of inspiration came from a surprising source — cookbooks. There are dozens of cookbooks in Elden Ring, each unlocking new crafting recipes for that player. Theoretically, finding these cookbooks within their numbered order could absolutely provide an "intended" path through Elden Ring.

Those worried the Elden Ring guide could spoil the sport, do be wary. The guide will direct players toward locations and NPCs, utilizing their proper names. However, it doesn't reveal dialogue or context. Another guide is linked for further information on each character's individual storylines.

On one hand, it's incredibly impressive how condensed Athrek's guide for Elden Ring is. On the other hand, it's quite staggering just how much there's to do when it comes to story and world progression. Elden Ring players who've completed the sport should absolutely have a look to determine what they might have missed.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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