Destiny 2: Gambit Labs Playlist Experimenting with Invasion Swap

To say the history between your Destiny 2 community and also the game's competitive co-operative mode, Gambit, is a complex you might be an understatement. The mode is a regular supply of criticism as a result of combination of balancing issues and, for many players, feeling stale given the insufficient major gameplay changes since Season from the Drifter. Bungie understands this and is looking to inject some fresh ideas into Gambit, beginning with a new twist on invading because of the debuting Gambit Labs.

Gambit was first brought to Destiny 2 in 2022's Forsaken expansion and was touted because the expansion's marquee new PvPvE mode where two groups of Guardians race to bank motes, defeat mini-bosses, and reduce the other team via blockers and invading players. The mode was the centerpiece from the aforementioned Season of the Drifter, which introduced Gambit Prime like a faster, single-round option before it ultimately replaced the initial three-round Gambit. The mode has undergone some smaller changes since then to blockers, boss rounds, and heavy ammo spawns, but it hasn't were built with a substantial change.

In the most recent Now at Bungie, the studio outlined exactly what the first week of Gambit Labs and also the initial twist, invasion swap, may be like inside of normal and freelance Gambit. Invasion swap, as the name implies, will see the opponents be given the option to invade when a player's team banks 25 and 75 motes instead of normal matches where the banking team can invade when hitting 25 and 75 motes. The studio says it wishes to see players try out newer and more effective strategies as they need to be more conscious of their mote count and available invasions.

Bungie can also be trying to give players extra incentive to try out the first Gambit Labs by looking into making it a double reputation week. If any players need to earn Season from the Risen's ritual shotgun, Reckless Endangerment, or even the Gambit-specific skin for this, the next reset will be the time for you to jump into Gambit.

As mentioned previously, Gambit is not the most popular activity for Destiny 2 players for some time as Bungie continues attempting to make it more desirable. Gambit Labs might be a helpful initial step by doing this, given how helpful lab modes were inside of Crucible. Team Scorched is just one example of this, as the scorch cannon-only mode was born inside Crucible Labs prior to being added to the weekly mode rotation. Whether this winds up being as successful inside Gambit, though, remains to be seen.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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