Ghostwire: Tokyo – How you can Respawn Containment Cubes After Failing to Protect Them

Containment Cubes first appear during the opening chapter of Ghostwire: Tokyo and can play a huge role for all those looking to unlock the game's true ending. They contain the spirits of those who were raptured as part of Hannya's evil scheme to resurrect his wife and daughter, which players will have to protect in the Visitors that are attempting to harvest the souls for their master's dark cause.

In total, there are 10,000 Spirits trapped inside these cubes, meaning that Ghostwire: Tokyo players are going to have to locate a great deal of them to be able to see the game's true ending. Thankfully, they're fairly plentiful and appear frequently while players explore the city around them, and therefore it shouldn't take too much time to achieve the required amount.

What goes on if You Fail to Protect a Containment Cube?

Given the fixed Spirit total, many players will probably find themselves wondering what happens if they accidentally miss a containment cube. Due to the way they sometimes spawn on the tops of nearby buildings which can take more time to climb than the game allows, it's almost inevitable that players will fail to protect a cube or two during their playthough.

The great news is the fact that failing to protect a containment cube won't prevent players from fully completing the game. Granted, players won't get the Spirits that were inside any failed cubes at that time, however they can locate an unlimited supply of fresh Containment Cubes until they hit their 10,000 Spirit target. They'll simply need to keep exploring Tokyo, and be sure to help keep one eye around the mini-map.

How to locate Containment Cubes in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Finding Containment Cubes is one thing that should happen naturally as players make their way round the city. They often spawn in groups of 2 or 3 and therefore are marked into the spotlight with a green circle. Once players get close enough, they'll be able to see percentage bars on their screens, which effectively function as healthbasr for every of the baby cubes.

Any cubes that still have health after players have defeated all the Visitors will available to reveal some spirits, which players should be certain to collect prior to leaving the area. As stated before, the cubes will occasionally spawn in locations that are impossible to achieve within the given time limit, whereby it's usually best to ignore them and fast travel to a new area. Just as it is for that Hyakki Yako Spirit Parade, areas surrounding Shibuya Scramble are great spots for finding new cubes.

Generally speaking, the game does an excellent job of alerting players to the existence of Containment Cubes, and keeping them all safe is relatively straightforward too providing players can actually find them. Players may even exploit the Visitors' fixation around the cubes to score themselves some easy Quick Purge kills, that ought to prove ideal for those hoping to unlock the "Silent Kill" trophy/achievement.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now on PC and PS5.

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