Lost Ark: All Omnium Star Locations Guide

The Omnium Stars are one of the absolute last collectibles unlocked in Lost Ark. Through the entirety of the leveling process, players can collect Mokoko Seeds, Masterpieces, even Giant's Hearts if they so choose. But, for Omnium Stars, it's entirely impossible to collect a single one without completing Punika and getting to Tier 3 item level first. And, along that same train of thought, they're the aptest Tier 3 collectible, as they are all a problem to get individually.

So, let's take a look at how exactly a player is meant to obtain every single one from the 6 different Omnium Stars in Lost Ark, and just what the rewards are for each.

All Omnium Star Locations

For the most part, all of the Omnium Stars hanging around tie to Punika in some manner, shape, or form. The only one that doesn't must much to do with it's Anguished Isle, but even which has Lore connections. So, while hunting these down, it may be best to set a Bifrost slot in Punika, or even the Portal Stone as well, since the turn-in NPC for these things is Albion, a literal Guardian like Argos, who sits by Nia's Residence in Punika.

Name Location Explanation
Omnium Star #1 Punika Quest "Whispering Star" This Quest actually requires a while to get to. First, players need to beat Punika's main story. Then, they need to wait for the Roster Quest "Where Memories Begin" to appear above the NPC Kala's head (in Nia's office). After that, they have to follow this quest chain until they get to the "Berver's Friend" Roster Quest. Once that's complete, Nia should give out the "A Trace of Light" questline, which "Whispering Star" may be the last step in.
Omnium Star #2 Punika Una's Task "Pond of Purification" This requires obtaining the "Honorary Militia Member" Reputation to Max Level 3, which requires doing the "Pond of Purification" Una's Task 7 Times and so the "Madness Piles around the Altar" task 14 times.
Omnium Star #3 Get Punika's Matriarch, Nia, to Rapport Stage "Trusted" Punika's Rapport requires a lot of commitment, as every single one takes a fair to some large number of Rapport suggests get to the "Trusted" stage. Nia, particularly, takes around 57,800 Rapport Suggests grant this Omnium Star as well as a Charisma Potion
Omnium Star #4 Exchange 8,016 Sun Coins With Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel Outside Punika This ship isn't always outside Punika, but it's there a lot of time. Either watch for a celebration that provides Sailing Coin Selection Chests, or complete the quests on different Adventure Islands that give them a break.
Omnium Star #5 RNG "Expected Rewards" Drop From Field Boss Moake On Punika Moake may be the hardest Field Boss in Lost Ark, undoubtedly, and can't actually be damaged by anyone under 1340. Even at Item Level 1340, this usually takes a lucky crit and a Dark Grenade to complete. So, this might take a while to obtain, particularly if the Channel fighting Moake isn't careful about resets.
Omnium Star #6 RNG Drop From Boss of Anguished Isle's Garden of Despair, Stella Anguished Isle includes a quest onto it which can be done daily for any "Garden of Despair" Key that grants access to this Dungeon. Clearing this Dungeon rewards a large chunk of Crimson Skein, the currency used for the Merchant about this island. But, the real important factor is that the Boss from the Dungeon, Stella, can randomly drop either the Island Soul or this Omnium Star when it's defeated.

Rewards For every Star

Now, the rewards for every Omnium Star collected are pretty much all well worth the time investment, more so than a lot of other pursuits in Lost Ark such as PvP (currently). Mokoko Seeds may be fun to collect, for example, but usually, the reward isn't worth the time allocated to every single reward Tier. Here's a look at all the rewards for Omnium Stars, along with a brief explanation of which ones are best to rush for, and which ones aren't.

Reward Explanation
Stat Increase Potion A very basic first Omnium Star reward. Simply gives the player +5 to their primary stats of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence
Greater Skill Point Potion The reason players is going for 2 Omnium Stars ASAP. Skill Point Potions are crucial to Lost Ark's endgame, and Greater ones are even more desired.
Overwhelm Epic-Rarity Rune Fantastic for Stagger-based Combat classes like Scrapper, especially since it's Epic-Quality and therefore gives 20 percent more Stagger Damage to the equipped Skill
Greater Stat Increase Potion A better version of the Stat Increase Potion, but there aren't many of these in the game. Increases primary stats by +25 instead of +5, so is a lot more than well worth the four Omnium Stars required to obtain it.
Wealth Legendary-Rarity Rune A gigantically beneficial reward for a lot of classes hanging around, as the Wealth Rune is wonderful for pretty much every class in Lost Ark. On Skill hit, this Legendary-Rarity Rune give 40 % more Specialty Meter gain, the meter used by all classes to make use of their Identity Skills for example Sorceresses Blink or Artillerists Barrage.
Greater Skill Point Potion An extra bonus for completing all of the Omnium Stars, although not realistically accessible in any kind of speedy manner. Don't rush with this one like the one that is rewarded for 2 Omnium Stars.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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