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Halo Infinite: How you can Disable Crossplay in Multiplayer

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has become readily available for players to enjoy ahead of the game's full release, which is free for those players. The free-to-play model gives developers a chance to get the player base involved before exercising everything in the campaign. The Halo Infinite multiplayer release has attracted hordes of players, and they're using both Xbox and PC using whether controller or a mouse and keyboard.

In Halo Infinite, players can complement together no matter what platform they play on. In addition, the game allows crossplay, which means that Xbox players and PC players can play Halo together in multiplayer. There is a bit of controversy regarding whether having fun with a controller or a mouse and keyboard is simpler, plus some believe that playing one or the other gives players an edge. However, for those who don't feel too strongly, some players just want to play with other people utilizing the same tools.

There is both good and bad news for those who don't want to play Halo Infinite with players on the other platform. The good thing is, there is a way to limit which type of players one can match with depending on their input device. Unhealthy news is the fact that there isn't any specific method to completely keep mouse and keyboard players out of Xbox lobbies or vice-versa.

How to Disable Crossplay in Halo Infinite

While it's impossible to disable Halo Infinite crossplay altogether, some Ranked settings can limit input options in multiplayer. In Ranked Arena matches, players can allow themselves simply to be paired along with other players using a controller or only mouse and keyboard. However, it doesn't technically limit the platform that they are using. In Halo Infinite multiplayer, players can use a controller or a mouse and keyboard on both the Xbox and PC; however, there is a way to circumvent this issue.

To do this, players can navigate to the Multiplayer menu after which select Ranked Arenas. This can bring them towards the Ranked Arena's menu, where they can decide what kind of Ranked games they would like to play. Now, only Ranked Solo/Duo games in Halo Infinite could be limited by input type, so players will first have to select the Solo/Duo Queue option. Then, they can fund the Input tab and click on it to select whether they want to have fun with mouse and keyboard players or controller players. Once selected, players can initiate matchmaking under those guidelines, keeping in mind that being more selective can increase queue times. These settings could be changed before any match, there isn't any need to worry about not having the opportunity to mix things up later.

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