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Real Bike Used To Pedal GTA 5 Bicycles, Multiplayer Available these days

The much-anticipated multiplayer component for GTBike V just been released, letting players make use of the creative and different mod while playing Grand Theft Auto V with others. The original mod, which lets players connect their real-life bicycles to Rockstar's seminal open-world video game, is just one of a few ways gamers have implemented external hardware while playing GTA V.

Although GTA V is kept alive and relevant through Rockstar's regular updates because of its online mode, it also remains in the public gaming conversation because of various mods. Tech-savvy players have managed to tweak GTA V in all sorts of interesting, effective, and funny ways; pop-culture icons like Harry Potter happen to be made playable in the game, and many mods have introduced completely original gameplay elements and features. While certain mods are available to use in GTA Online, most are only able to be taken advantage of within the game's single-player mode. It has provided fans of single-player GTA V plenty of additional happy to explore over the years while Rockstar focuses primarily on GTA Online.

For those thinking about cool GTA V mods and multiplayer gameplay, the latest version of GTBike V has arrived, bringing with it a web-based multiplayer component separate from GTA Online. As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, this new update for the mod will let players connect with each other and ride on various preset courses, with the developers planning to add missions and “fancy races” later on. The mod is free of charge to download, but it should be noted that users have to have compatible smart bike equipment to create optimum use of the mod.

For fitness enthusiasts and gamers alike, this mod will certainly be a fascinating experience. Obviously, digital courses have long been a staple in various advanced stationary bicycles, but getting the opportunity to ride through Los Santos on a real bicycle is a one-of-a-kind experience. Rockstar has taken down GTA mods previously, though, so fans of GTBike V will need to hope that both single-player and multiplayer sides of the mod will stay available.

As previously mentioned, the minds behind GTBike V are intending to continuously expand the mod. GTBike V has already been quite involved, factoring in data for variables like in-game terrain and incline/decline, so it will certainly be interesting to see how it could develop. Until then, Grand Theft Auto V players using the right gear will have to play around with the mod themselves.

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