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Demeo: PC Edition Review – Challenging Multiplayer Tabletop Combat

Demeo: PC Edition is really a multiplayer combat game built around tabletop elements similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Developed and published by Resolution Games, players can produce a party as high as four characters, select classes, and battle via a multi-level dungeon using special abilities and melee attacks. While the game is ideal for those who enjoy a challenging dungeon crawl, Demeo currently lacks the narrative elements that appeal to many when joining tabletop-style PC games. However, rapid matches are great for those who do not have time for you to dedicate to a traditional D&D campaign.

Currently, players can select between three campaigns in Demeo, with plans for further campaigns to release later on months. Each match is made up of three levels, including two dungeon puzzles along with a boss level, and takes about two hours to accomplish. To advance through the dungeons, players alternate performing actions for movement, attacks, items, and spells. The game board utilizes mechanics familiar to tabletop players like movement distance, range of attack, and terrain bonuses and penalties. These mechanics affect classes differently, making each element a vital factor when planning turns.

Currently, there are five classes players can choose when setting up a game in Demeo. The Hunter and Sorcerer both offer ranged attacks, as the Guardian will work for close combat. The Bard and the Assassin are versatile for ranged and shut attacks but they are less likely to survive heavy hits. As with a Dungeons & Dragons party, players may wish to select a good balance of skills when selecting classes, because the wrong party makeup can create frustrating challenges when the campaign starts. All classes have 10 hit points, using the major distinction between each option being special attacks and skill cards.

Demeo also struggles with bugs when players move their character game piece or throw the large in-game die hitting enemies. Like rolling a D20 in Dungeons & Dragons, players will toss a die after utilizing a card skill or melee attack. The die has a single sword for a regular hit, dual swords for a critical hit, along with a skull for missing. However, the roll can often appear unclear if this lands on the board, with dual swords registering as a miss instead of a critical hit. Additionally, the ratio of hits to misses seems inconsistent, with players rolling more misses than hits on certain levels. Another glitch impacts players when moving character pieces onto things like chests or health fountains, in which the piece drops to a tile on either side, wasting a player's action.

While Demeo is a superb pick for those who love cooperative combat, multi-player dungeon crawls, and D&D-inspired settings, farmville may not be the best option for those who enjoy narration and custom characters. Currently, Demeo's campaigns don't contain an overarching story, that make numerous sessions feel repetitive. Players will also be unable to customize their characters, making the adventures less personal and immersive. Because those who play D&D often become mounted on their characters and also the story they're unraveling, this may be a setback for fans of roleplay and lore-based intrigue. Regardless of this, Demeo is perfect for scratching a dungeon-crawling itch and is great for people who want to interact with friends in a tabletop setting, but don't have time for a full campaign. With patches to fix glitches and balance difficulty, Demeo is a great option for anyone wanting a short, action-packed adventure with friends.

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