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Does Evil Dead: The sport Have Crossplay?

Evil Dead: The Game was launched on May 13 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows platforms, and the game has a number of crossplay multiplayer options away from the box. A planned port to Nintendo Switch is “coming soon”, but a release date has not been announced. The game's creators Saber Interactive have advised that crossplay with Nintendo Switch will also be supported when the Switch version is released. After being multiple times from the planned 2022 release, Evil Dead: The sport finally chosen a Friday the 13th release date in true horror fashion.

Evil Dead: The Game pits a group of 4 Survivors against one Demon, carrying out a similar 4 v 1 asymmetrical format with other survival horror games like Dead by Daylight, which coincidentally features Ash Williams from Evil Dead like a playable character because of a DLC. At launch, Evil Dead: The sport includes a wide roster of Survivors and Demons for players to choose from, including a variety of versions of Evil Dead's Ash, the franchise's frontman and main protagonist, along with other recognizable faces from the Evil Dead franchise.

From day one, Evil Dead: The Game has full crossplay between all platforms, including between consoles and PC. Additionally, Evil Dead: The Game is available on both older and current-generation consoles, so players on several generation consoles can enjoy together also. Dead by Daylight offers similar crossplay support, however, it had not been added until five years following the game's initial release. Offering full crossplay at launch is impressive, setting Evil Dead: The Game apart from similar horror movie-inspired games like Friday the 13th: The Game, which does not offer any kind of crossplay despite being offered on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Evil Dead: The sport Crossplay Multiplayer Options Explained

Currently, Evil Dead: The sport is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X consoles, as well as PC through Epic Games Store or GeForce NOW. Crossplay between all of these platforms is supported, and players can party track of friends on different platforms without issue. Saber Interactive has yet to confirm whether Evil Dead: The sport supports crossprogression or crosssaves between platforms, but this information should become available shortly now that players finally get their on the job Evil Dead: The sport after its many delays.

Evil Dead: The Game stands out in the crowd by not just offering crossplay between all of the platforms it's currently available on, but doing this from the first day. Players can party up with friends on any console or PC effortlessly, because of online multiplayer. While a release date hasn't been announced for the Nintendo Switch form of Evil Dead: The Game, the game's website states it will be coming soon. Hopefully, the game's decision to offer extensive crossplay at launch is suggestive of a wider transfer of the gaming industry away from restrictive exclusivity agreements and towards making games as accessible as you possibly can. If nothing else, Evil Dead: The Game's Necronomicon-like crossplay magic bodes well because of its future for the short term.

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