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How you can Play Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Multiplayer Early

A major criticism of Halo Infinite was its insufficient a co-op campaign at launch, but because of an easily accessible glitch players can connect to the multiplayer campaign early. The co-op campaign feature has been one of the leading selling points of Halo time after time because anything enjoyable can be made more fun when player two grabs a controller. Unfortunately, this feature was lacking at Halo Infinite's launch, but a co-op campaign can be played with a few simple steps.

To be clear, this is not the full co-op campaign experience that 343 Industries promises to deliver in 2022, and it limits both visual and progression features. Players will not be able to defend myself against every Banished boss in Halo Infinite side-by-side, nor does it allow players to make use of the Forward Operating Bases scattered across Zeta Halo. Additionally, if either player dies they've got to return to the main menu in order to set the Halo Infinite co-op campaign up again.

This co-op campaign glitch is discovered by YouTuber NobleActual and shared by Kotaku, the recording shows two Master Chiefs standing inside a few feet of each other on Zeta Halo. As expected, the glitch was met having a myriad of additional issues accompanying these ones, such as lighting issues, player two not having a HUD, and, based on NobleActual:

“THIS MAY BREAK YOUR SAVES. @halodotapi and I are the guinea pigs. Don't attempt Should you be Near to 100% (much like me). My saves refuse to load after about 10 hours of attempting to reproduce the glitch.”

Halo Infinite: How To Start Co-Op Campaign Early

Heeding the words of NobleActual, players approaching the ending of Halo Infinite's campaign should not browse the glitch if they're worried about keeping their save file. Nonetheless, the YouTuber organized each of the steps that allowed the two players to access co-op campaign early in Halo Infinite. Following this order of steps, players have to:

  • Play Halo Infinite offline
  • Connect a second controller
  • Sign into an Xbox account
  • Start the Halo Infinite single-player campaign with one controller
  • In-game, press “start” and then “back”
  • Using the second controller, press “start” to include the 2nd player to the fireteam
  • Halo Infinite should now result in a co-op campaign experience

Additionally, NobleActual has also stated that this glitch was activated using an Xbox Series S, and other Twitter users have reported failed attempts at replicating the glitch on the Xbox Series X and PC. The release of Halo Infinite co-op campaign, and Forge mode, happen to be pushed back with the extension of Season 1 in the free-to-play multiplayer. The precise start date of Season 2 of Halo Infinite is unknown, but it is likely to start in May 2022 and include a completely functional co-op campaign.

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