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Sifu Won't Receive Multiplayer, But Will Get Post-Launch Content

Sloclap's newly released beat 'em up Sifu does not have multiplayer support in route, yet the developer has expressed an interest in eventually rolling out post-launch DLC content of some type. Despite Sifu's broken early access period on PlayStation consoles, the action-adventure title just launched to rave reviews and usually positive player reception.

Developed by Sloclap, the indie studio behind martial arts-inspired RPG Absolver, Sifu drops players into the role of a Kung Fu student who seeks revenge for the murder of their family. Intense hand-to-hand combat constitutes the beating heart of the experience, though another, more fascinating mechanic keeps the action interesting – the gamer character's aging. Each time the gamer dies, the Kung Fu student returns a year older and, hopefully, a bit wiser. But with five levels to accomplish before the character hits the age of 75, Sifu's novel aging mechanic significantly heightens the task. Associated with pension transfer games boasting a high learning curve, the Sloclap title's replay value originates from repeated attempts at slowly progressing through difficult combat encounters. The studio might have bigger plans for the future, though.

In a job interview with GamingBolt, Sloclap marketing manager Félix Garczynski noted that Sifu will remain a solo experience only, though DLC looks likely. Because of the small development studio's “limited means,” the focus rested on crafting an excellent single-player adventure, with no plans for multiplayer support in sight. However, Garczynski insisted support for Sifu won't end with the shipped content. The team at Sloclap really wants to produce “additional content” for post-launch releases, though Garczynski offered little when it comes to specifics.

One post-launch update some players would welcome is a difficulty slider. While confirming that Sifu wouldn't feature difficulty options on the first day, executive producer Pierre Tarno has previously hinted at the chance of sliders entering the mix somewhere down the line. Sloclap has yet to confirm that this type of feature will for sure go live, though. As a result, it remains seen just what the team could have planned for future downloadable content.

Sifu entered early access over the weekend for individuals who purchased the game's Digital Deluxe Edition, that also unlocks an electronic art book and also the official soundtrack from composer Howie Lee. The beat 'em up launched in full for everyone else on PC and PlayStation hardware today, February 8. Thus far, it appears like many players have already taken a liking to Sloclap's latest action-packed adventure.

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