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Can last People 2 Multiplayer Be Free-To-Play?

Fans from the Last of Us Part II continue to be eagerly awaiting more concrete news on its expected, standalone multiplayer component, that could potentially be free-to-play. Even though there was not any new, official information, employment listing from developer Naughty Dog supplies a couple more hints as to what the follow-up to TLOU's Factions game mode may be like. You can't really say for several just yet, but it is starting to seem more likely the multiplayer for TLOU 2 could be free-to-play.

Prior towards the discharge of TLOU 2 in 2022, it had been says the game wouldn't include any multiplayer elements, and ship exclusively with just its story mode. Naughty Dog promised that the multiplayer would come eventually, citing the work becoming too ambitious because the reason behind its absence from TLOU 2. Roughly a year and half after TLOU 2 released, Factions 2 (or whatever Naughty Dog will call it) hasn't even had a lot as a teaser trailer.

In lieu of any updates on The Last Of Us 2's multiplayer, the most recent buzz surrounding TLOU 2's multiplayer comes courtesy of a job posting listed by Naughty Dog for a Senior Monetization/Economy Designer. The listing doesn't specify the job is going to be for Factions 2 exactly, but it does mention “the studio's first standalone multiplayer game,” which just one is proven to be in development at Naughty Dog. A list of responsibilities in the listing all point toward to what appears to be some form of live service monetization, where in-game cosmetics along with a continuous stream of recent content are priority. Some full-priced games happen to be known to include battle passes and the like, but it is a much more common feature of free-to-play multiplayer titles.

TLOU 2 Multiplayer Might Be Leaning Into Free-to-Play Monetization

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