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Halo Infinite Heatwave: Best Strategies & Tips For Multiplayer

The surprise launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer came with a range of new equipment for players to use, including the new Heatwave shotgun. Heatwave is semi-automatic shotgun that replaces the Scattershot from Halo 4 and Halo 5, however it retains the ricochet effect of bullets from hard surfaces and disintegration finishes. Although it's not as powerful as the standard UNSC issued shotgun, Halo Infinite's Heatwave has multiple functions that set it apart from its spiritual predecessor.

Heatwave are available on multiplayer maps like Launch and Bazaar, but it is not consistently available every a match happens on those maps. The Halo Infinite multiplayer maps have weapon spawn locations that change from match to match, meaning sometimes Heatwave will be part of the match and other times it won't be available at all. Like most of the other weapons, Halo Infinite's Heatwave could be acquired from weapon racks that hang on walls at eye level. When the Heatwave was already acquired, a red outline of the weapon's design will stay on the wall. This outline lets players realize that Heatwave, or other weapon, are live during that match, that is vital information for any Slayer-based mode.

Some from the options that come with Heatwave that make the weapon unique in Halo Infinite's multiplayer are its alternate firing modes, inability to aim down sight, and the aggressive reach and ricochet of their pellets. By using what can be the aim down sight button on for other weapons, players can switch from a vertical and horizontal pellet spread for Heatwave. The vertical pellet spread is wonderful for close-quarters engagements, as the horizontal spread is better suited for engagements in tight spaces. Additionally, Halo Infinite's Heatwave fires six pellets for every mode, and also the pellets penetrate targets to ricochet from hard surfaces.

Halo Infinite: Strategies for Using Heatwave

The Heatwave stands out because of its consistent damage over short ranges in Halo Infinite's cross platform multiplayer. However, even close up, Heatwave suffers from being able to defeat enemies at full health, however it remains a strong option against enemies nonetheless. The issue lies with Heatwave's failure to consider down enemies with under three shots at full health, but pairs nicely with other weapons such as the Battle Rifle or Sidearm. After landing several shots with either weapon, switching to Heatwave using its vertical firing mode will begin to complete the damaged enemy. Here's a video of Halo Infinite's Heatwave for action because of Aozolai online:

Surprisingly, even while using Grapplehook with an enemy and launching toward them with Heatwave prepared to fire doesn't guarantee that players can come out on top. Heatwave is certainly meant more for finishing off enemies, and out-damaging opponents who're just from the melee range in Halo Infinite's multiplayer matches. If everything else fails, the time-tested “slide around a large part having a shotgun” strategy that online multiplayer FPS games are notorious for works quite well in Halo Infinite.

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