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Earthworm Jim 2, DIG-DUG II, and MAPPY-LAND Put into Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES Virtual Libraries

For the record, Nintendo Switch Online continues to be very active for that month of March 2022. While the service remained fairly quiet with strategic updates to the service's virtual console libraries, this month has delivered lots of new content. Nintendo 64 at the beginning of the month welcomed two new titles: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask & F-Zero X respectively.

However, there is more that came to the table for Sega Genesis too. For the reason that, Alien Soldier, Light Crusader, and Super Fantasy Zone were added afterwards for the respected virtual console library. Now once we close out this month, Nintendo is delivering a brand new batch of titles to Nintendo Switch Online for the Nintendo Entertainment System & Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

There are a total of three games coming and you may browse the full list below:


Dig-Dug 2


Earthworm Jim 2

Noted, Japanese users will discover a different lineup available over with that region's Nintendo Switch Online library. Instead, Earthworm Jim 2 is swapped with Harvest Moon whilst Dig-Dug 2 and Mappy Land continue to be contained in the update.

Additionally, Nintendo Switch Internet surfers also received new content for all those enrolled in the development Pack tier. This month, Wave One of six released for that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass which offers a handful of new maps divided between two different circuits. Read the full report by grading here.

Which new Nintendo Switch Online title are you most excited to test?

Earthworm Jim 2, Dig-Dug 2, Harvest Moon (Japan) Mappy-Land are available now for Nintendo Switch Online.

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