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Report: Nintendo Isn't Planning to Reveal A brand new Nintendo Switch Model In the near future

When putting the Nintendo Switch within microscope, you can easily get the success of the console. While discussions continue to drown the 2022 device, the hybrid handheld machine still outperforms its competition even during this past holiday season. In that, it was reported that combining Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 alongside its predecessors throughout the shopping season still does not exceed the quantity of units pushed by Nintendo.

However, the machine does face a drought of games many fans believe. Not to say there are not interesting releases underway, but the next major blockbuster releases for Nintendo Switch are still uncertain when to arrive. Games for example Metroid Prime 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel were unveiled at least a year ago, but still no details were followed-up upon.

In a previous report from Bloomberg, the publication issued this problem could be resolved following a forecasted announcement of a new Nintendo Switch model. Including, the untitled SKU is said to provide resolution scaling standards alike other platforms to satisfy the interest in 4K gaming as well as target better performance too.

Now entering 2022, there is still no manifestation of the hopeful announcement. As per a thread of tweets from Bloomberg Takashi Mochizuki, he discloses new information in the console giant. Upon stating to be present throughout the financial results briefing this month, Mochizuki spares Nintendo's disinterest to unveil a brand new system.

Q: new model this season?
A: not likely to make an annoucement anytime soon as we have Mario ver in Feb, MH ver in Mar.

Hint: Nintendo chief this past year said not planning to release new model in 2022. Today's was just "not in the near future." So, that means…?

— Takashi Mochizuki (@6d6f636869) February 1, 2022

More surprisingly would be that the new learnings also happens to contradict a previous report from Bloomberg. The article even being comprised by Mochizuki suggests that Nintendo is flagging down developers in preparation because of its titles to be primed and effectively oiled for better optimized 4K gaming. However, that doesn't turn to be so accurate following the latest reporting.

Despite that, well-recognized industry analyst Roberto Serrano insists the device is still being prepared for an unveiling later this March. “New Switch model should be announced by March 2022 and could come out from April 2022, Q1FY22,” Serrano writes in the tweet. He adds that strategy plans may have potentially shifted affecting the system's release.

Elsewhere according to the recent financial earnings for Nintendo, japan company remarks on its latest numbers with regards to the Nintendo Switch. The console now sits at 79.87 million and overtakes units moved in contrast to the Nintendo 3DS. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised the brand new Nintendo Switch model isn't being revealed in the end?

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