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Listing For Metroid Prime Trilogy Suggest Release For Mid June

The ongoing hunt for the reality behind the expected release of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch may be ending. Previously, there has been a couple of listings which suggested the game is in route, but we have yet to determine that information come to fruition for a long time now.

One listing which emerged in April 2022 told that the collection of Metroid Prime titles were on their way using the game uncovered on Best Buy's website. That alongside The Legend of Zelda: A Prefer to the Past which released later that October, it had been suspected the sport was due for a 2022 launch but never occurred. A second more recent listing emerged online recently which shared that the game again arrives to have an announcement soon.

But so far as we all know, there isn't any sign of Metroid in route. Or that is what we thought until this most recent finding. According to Inet, a Swedish video game retailer, the storefront listed Metroid Prime Trilogy. However this time, the game has been said to be shipping on June 19 next month. This new report also involves think about Nintendo's recent activity online this month.

Earlier in May, the company says Paper Mario: The Origami King will be shipping for Nintendo Switch in July. However, the firm poked at another property at the end of a clip as the paper protagonist sports Samus' helmet mimicking to shoot at imaginary enemies. But what we should initially interpreted to be a minimal gag considering the brand new game could entail that the new project is in route.

There has been whispers for most of the Switch's lifespan which suggested that Nintendo had been carried out with introducing Metroid Prime Trilogy towards the platform since late 2022. However the day never arrived, yet. But that looks to alter if the listing does prove to be accurate in the coming weeks. As for now, take the listing like a rumor until properly announced by Nintendo.

Do you believe this new listing is legitimate or another gaff to rile fans up?

Metroid Prime Trilogy is reported to ship for Nintendo Switch on June 19, 2022.

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