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Claims Regarding Voice Acting For Breath Of The Wild Sequel Finished Is Framed "Incorrect" By Nintendo

In 2022, Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was rightly awarded Bet on the Year because of its performance they are driving players to the then-developing Nintendo Switch and truly expand on the universe with a newly unique experience for that series. But what was in the future next from the firm wasn't properly shared until 2022 that Nintendo spared there's a follow-up for the highly-received title.

In that, a teaser trailer was revealed sharing that a definite follow-up is in development. Only sharing the woking platform – Nintendo Switch, obviously – there was no method of determining once the game would arrive. However, claims have come recently which disclose voice actors for that project are finished – presuming the release is coming for an announcement.

The report originates from in which the outlet spoke Spanish voice actors Marc Navarro and Nerea Alfonso and figured the voicing area of the production is officially done. However, around the Un café con Nintendo podcast, Nintendo confirms that the claims aren't legitimate.

“We are surprised by the way the many media outlets have covered the interview, jumping to incorrect and out-of-context conclusions with no consideration towards the persons implicated,” the firm responds on the matters. Concerning the project itself, there was no additional comment in the response that answers once the highly-anticipated sequel will officially arrive or how close development is near to being finished.

Taken from the comment, it's presumed that work on the follow-up entry continues to be deep in development looking that Nintendo had to result in the comment on the matters that quickly acquired traction from large media outlets. But looking that Nintendo is getting ready to launch a brand new project later this month, it may be sometime until we hear more.

Later this month in July Nintendo is going to be officially releasing the long-awaited new installment for Paper Mario, The Origami King. Looking the company would rather space releases, it's suspected we won't see news regarding The Legend of Zelda sequel until well after July in the earliest. You can read the announcement for the Paper Mario title by heading here.

Will you be able to sit patiently for Nintendo to share new information on the Breath from the Wild sequel?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath from the Wild 2 is listed for Nintendo Switch.

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