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Fans Discover Twitter Account For Mario 35th Anniversary Online

Nintendo, as far as many could guess, is underway to re-release a handful of Super Mario 3D projects for Nintendo Switch. It had been reported previously that Nintendo in anticipation for that series' 35th anniversary celebration would use its platform to properly announce the most reputable entries could be going back to its current platform afterwards.

However, that announcement looked to become prolonged as Nintendo was without the area to do this with E3 no occurring earlier this June. But presuming the firm would still host its annual Nintendo Direct that month, we would surely begin to see the reveal occur. But as the reportings cited in front of June, the livestreamed presentation never arrived and left fans hanging for news on the reworkings.

But now according to a brand new finding on Twitter, Nintendo could possibly be finding the right moment to pop the cap off for that announcement. Users recently have found a new Twitter account going through the handle @supermario35th recently which brewed a brand new batch of speculation on the suspected announcement which was erected previously.

Although fans are unsure if it's definite to think the account is legitimate, there's more context towards the finding. Video Game Chronicles shortly after the initial reporting have discovered the email for that account holds a detailed resemblance to other Nintendo-affiliated Twitter profiles. In particular, the Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. accounts.

In relevancy to the 35th anniversary for Mario, the titles that are suspected to be included spans back a few generations. That including Paper Mario 64 which was reported back in January following a resurfacing string of rumors along with a more recent listing for Super Mario 3D World on Best to buy.

Previously, we view a similar group of events happen regarding Microsoft's Fable and Perfect Dark properties. Users then uncovered two locked Twitter accounts suggesting an announcement is underway from the firm. It's suspected that Microsoft will make the announcement during next Thursday Xbox 20/20 showcase. Read the original report by heading here.

What games do you hope to see arrived at fruition when the Twitter account is actually legitimate?

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