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Ahead Of Rocket League's Free-To-Play Release, Psyonix Confirms Online Services Will Not Be Required For PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Among a few of the mountainous online-focused entries that the industry witnessed this generation, it certainly is an unexpected that some of them start off as paid titles as opposed to the normalized free-to-play route that's readily spared for other major projects. Howbeit, some games adopt that later on. When examining Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the internet title transitioned towards the free-to-play business model in December of 2022 after six years of as being a top-selling entry on Steam.

And it was a matter of time until more properties followed exactly the same route: one in particular being Psyonix's Rocket League. The developer unveiled that its 2022 car soccer title could be releasing as a free-to-play game afterwards in the then-coming summer. Now, time is nearly because the team brushed upon the finer information on the approaching launch for Rocket League.

When elaborating on which can be expected for several consoles, that being PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, Psyonix shared that both platforms won't require platform's respected online service to play online.

The only lingering entity concerning the matters is Microsoft's Xbox platform. While PC players are already playing Rocket League with no necessity of an online subscription service, exactly the same cannot be said for the console side of things. Via Xbox Live, users have to pay for the plan to indulge in multiplayer – even if the games are free-to-play.

At one point in the beginning of August, it was speculated the firm would be dropping the service altogether because the 12-month tier was delisted around the Microsoft Store. Howbeit, Microsoft later in a statement provided to The Verge confirmed that there are no intentions for Xbox Live to become a free service. Read a complete report by heading here.

What platform are you currently playing Rocket League on if this goes free-to-play?

Rocket League is out let's focus on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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