How long to beat each title

If you'd like to learn how long it requires to hit the whole Mass Effect Legendary EditionYou are in the best place. This huge assortment of three hugely popular titles has completely revamped some facets of the series and provided a refreshing experience for the year-long trilogy. Not just did each game have a considerable amount of content by default, however the numerous DLCs that were later released have added your playtime significantly, with lots of new scenarios, areas to explore, and characters to have interaction with.

The Legendary Edition contains many of the DLC released before all three games. If you wish to experience all of the single player events in each and every game outside the main storyline, expect a few hundred hours to become committed to Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition. Let’s take a look at some details below.

How long will it take to beat every game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Oddly enough, all three Mass Effect Legendary Edition games take almost exactly the same hours to complete, including DLC

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