Biomutant – How to change the appearance of automata

In to Change the appearance of your machine Buddy in BiomutantYou don’t need to do much. Having said that, it may take some time if you wish to collect every design available as they are scattered round the post-apocalyptic realm of this completely new action RPG. The machine begins as a grasshopper-like robot, but depending on which outfit you select for it, it looks completely different. Below is the information on how to alter the appearance from the machine.

How to alter the appearance of your vending machine in Biomutant

As you most likely know right now, your machine has lots of features that you can unlock therefore it will help you explore the world or fight. In addition to these practical functions, it's also visually customizable. Maybe not as thoroughly customized because the main character, but simply having different designs with this little guy is enough to lead him to look distinctive. That is, how can you actually change your appearance?

The way to do this is to discover and interact with each bulletin board in Biomutant. At any point in your adventure, you can interact with the 15 billboards that can be found in this vast world. The moment you interact with the first one, a brand new side quest will end up available along with a marker will appear showing where the nearest bulletin board is perfect for you to communicate with. All you have to do is stick to the marker to find these boards.

As mentioned, you will find 15 as a whole, but only 10 actually offer a new look for the machine. Any notice board which includes a new design leads you to definitely an extremely brief additional task, such as: B. “Go there to see something,” where “there” is usually 100 meters away, or something similar. Which means there won't be any hassle whatsoever completing it and you will obtain a brand new look right away. Using this method for each bulletin board, you are able to collect every shape in the game. For reference, here are every design you can find:

  • Tokik
  • Knorl
  • Smutti
  • face
  • Liz
  • Newt
  • Bugeye
  • Kwak
  • Got to
  • Meow

Biomutant is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For additional info on the sport, see the remaining guides here.

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