How to glitch in to the water

Last year in the Summer Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch the wetsuit made it possible that you should swim in the ocean, and today with a new bug you'll be able to recreate that experience in the rivers and lakes of the island. Grab your wetsuit (or not) and dive in! Here’s how to get within the water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to plunge into water while crossing animals: New Horizons

Running this error is very like the error allowing you to clip items. There are some points which are important. You may need a ladder and a 1 × 1 object that's as flat as possible. The two best articles for this are:

  • Unfinished puzzle
  • Turkey day table setting

Now that you have your articles, it’s time for you to start preparing. This issue is only for a rounded cliff near the body of water you need to be trapped in. You can either find this on your island or terraform the cliffs. Next, you should surround the ground below with water to create a 2 × 2 square of land, and among the spaces being the rounded cliff corner. On Turkey Day, put the unfinished puzzle or even the core table in the center of this square so that it is as near to the core rounded cliff corner as possible. Came from here, water landscape to ensure that the flat object is totally encompassed by water. When things are done it need to look like the picture below.

You can now go swimming! Climb the cliff over the water. Then climb down the rounded cliff to top of the unfinished puzzle or table setting on Turkey Day. Your character will probably move about quite erratically because the game tries to figure out where you can put your character with insufficient space, but don’t worry – should you ever find yourself in trouble, you can always call emergency services from your NookPhone. Came from here just attempt to move towards the water and finally you need to descend in the land towards the river or lake where you are. This could take some time so have patience!

After you’ve made it within the water, it’s time to explore and take advantage of the perfect photo opportunity! Once within the water, all you are able do is call emergency services out of your NookPhone. Therefore if you’re having fun, call your old buddy Resetti to fish you and also get you back on land. This is a new bug as of patch 1.10 and can likely be fixed soon. So appreciate it when you can! Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an exclusive Nintendo Switch available now.

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