Ghostwire: Tokyo – Using Offering Boxes to locate Collectibles

After an action-packed opening chapter, it shouldn't take Ghostwire: Tokyo players too much time to get to grips using the game's core mechanics. They're eased into the loop of cleansing shrines, tackling side missions, and tracking down collectibles pretty seamlessly, though there are one or a couple of things that may perhaps happen to be better explained.

Offering Boxes are some of the best supernatural tools that players have available in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the game doesn't perform a particularly good job of explaining how they work. For those aiming for 100% completion, these wooden troughs could be worth 10 times how much they weigh in Meika, though only when players know how to use them.

What exactly are Offering Boxes?

Offering boxes can be found at many of the shrines in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and, indeed, most of the shrines in Japan. They're often accustomed to make wishes or give thanks, with individuals throwing inside a coin or two before bowing their heads and making a wish. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players may also rely on them to make sure wishes, which, in turn, can help them to find collectibles along with other rare items.

How Do Offering Boxes Operate in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

When getting together with an Offering Box, players will be asked to make an offering. They can either toss in 100 or 500 Meica, with certain wishes only accessible once the larger amount is offered. They'll then have to create a wish, with plenty of possibilities. After choosing one of these, Ghostwire: Tokyo protagonist Akito will bow his head and the results of the wish will take effect almost immediately.

After making a wish at an Offering Box a cooldown period will start, though players can use the box again after twenty minutes approximately or leave after which reentering the area. This is often useful for Offering Boxes in shrines which have multiple Tanuki hiding within their surrounding areas, or areas by which you will find multiple Jizo Statues. After donating 10,000 Meika to Offering Boxes, players will unlock the "Pious" trophy/achievement.

What Wishes Can be created at Offering Boxes?

Though there are a few additional non-functional wishes that demonstrate on the list from time to time, there are only really five that players need to concern themselves with. Not every one of them is going to be available every time that players pray though, as many places have no Tanuki or Jizo Statues, and so do not allow players to wish for their locations.

  • I wish I could find more Jizo Statues: The place of one Jizo Statue will be marked on the player's map.
  • I wish I could find more Tanuki: The place of one of the game's 25 hidden Tanuki will be marked on the player's map.
  • I really wish i could determine what I'm looking for: The place of 1 from the area's relics will be marked around the player's map.
  • I wish to recover health: Akito's health will be restored.
  • I wish to recover SP: Akito's Ether levels will be replenished.

Ghostwire: Tokyo can be obtained now on PC and PS5.

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