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Breath from the Wild Multiplayer Mod Gets $10,000 Bounty From YouTuber

A YouTuber has offered a $10,000 prize to anybody who can create a Legend of Zelda: Breath from the Wild mod that will give a multiplayer aspect of the Nintendo hit. Zelda: BOTW is one of the most widely used games on Nintendo Switch, but adventurers are given the job of on your own through Hyrule without any multiplayer options available natively in the game.

Zelda: Breath from the Wild is known as being not just most of the most successful games on Switch, but also one of the strongest entries in the entire Zelda franchise. The sport takes players on an open-world adventure in order to save the world from the blight of Ganon, and the title's freedom of play, various attack options, and expansive map help make it probably the most notable single-player games of the last console generation. Creative players happen to be in a position to test the game's capabilities through exploits and glitches, in addition to Breath of the Wild mods, which can transform the gameplay in a variety of various ways.

As spotted by TechRaptor, YouTuber and Twitcher streamer PointCrow has put a $10,000 bounty around the development of a Zelda: Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod hoping of saving Hyrule with friends. In a Google document explaining the guidelines as well as, PointCrow explains that while they've dabbled in mods themselves, seen on PointCrow's YouTube channel, the things they actually want to see may be the ability to play BOTW with a minumum of one other friend. Outlining the rules of their bounty, PointCrow writes the money goes towards the person or team who produces the mod, and that it “must be finished a minimum of 8 weeks before the Breath of the Wild sequel release date.”


terms & conditions read here: #breathofthewild #botw #zelda

— eric (@PointCrow) November 10, 2022

See the post on Twitter here.

The bounty has been met with some backlash on social networking, with lots of users criticizing the task for underestimating just how much work would be necessary for a successful multiplayer mode. Breath of the Wild isn't the most easy-to-mod game, particularly with it being a Nintendo Switch title instead of a PC release, and giving the sport a multiplayer element would require a large amount of work. With Breath from the Wild 2 launching in 2022, there's also a significant strict deadline on the bounty, and while an exact release date for the sequel was not announced, anyone attempting to create a multiplayer mod will likely have only annually to do so.

Despite the challenge involved with adding multiplayer to Breath of the Wild, the feat will probably be attempted by many hoping to win the money prize. A number of existing BOTW mods have already added a number of changes towards the core gameplay, even though a multiplayer mod may seem impossible, there's still a chance such a feat might be achieved. Whether it might happen before the discharge of Breath of the Wild 2 remains seen, but the bounty could be the incentive needed for anyone to finally make the game multiplayer.

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