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Halo Infinite: 10 Multiplayer Tips Beginners Have to know

The Halo franchise has been available since 2001, and ever since Bungie released Halo: Combat Evolved for that original Xbox, the games have been staples from the first-person shooter genre. Halo Infinite may be the newest entry in the acclaimed sci-fi series, and it is the first one to offer free multiplayer on Xbox consoles and PC.

Halo Infinite respects the core of the items makes the Halo franchise successful, but it also innovates with new weapons, game modes, and gameplay tools. While Halo's multiplayer modes have seen success among both casual and competitive gamers, the initial mechanics and feel could make them challenging for brand new players to pick up. Whether players are new to the franchise or new to Infinite, understanding how the game works is crucial to victory.

Melee Attacks Are As Important As Weapons

Running and walking would be the two most common ways to get around maps in Halo Infinite, but they aren't the only ones. While sprinting, players can press the crouch button to go in a slide. While this maneuver doesn't go far, it's invaluable for quickly advancing on enemies or dodging behind cover.

The lower profile of the sliding Spartan causes it to be more challenging for enemies to aim correctly, and the brief time that it takes these to adjust can be the distinction between life and death. Jumping is efficacious for the same reasons. Skilled players begin jumping in the outbreak of firefights so that their opponents need to concentrate on three axes of movement to land their shots.

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