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Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Releases On Steam Tomorrow

According to details shared inside a new overview video from Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes 3's Multiplayer Pre-Alpha goes live on Steam tomorrow, November 30. Publisher Sega announced Company of Heroes 3 many months ago during the IGN-hosted Summer of Gaming 2022. A pre-alpha preview accompanied this news on PC, allowing players to visit hands-on with the real-time strategy title for 3 weeks. Now you have for that multiplayer mode to shine.

Today, Relic Entertainment released a business of Heroes 3 overview centered around the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha that goes survive Steam tomorrow, November 30, at 9:00 AM PT and ends on December 6 at 8:00 AM PT. Those thinking about the pre-alpha can redeem access through the Company of Heroes community site. Players who previously signed up for CoH-Development and participated in CoH3's pre-alpha preview over the summer are ready to join the fun. For fans who haven't performed any of these tasks, the sign up process is obtainable through the official Company of Heroes webiste. Pre-loading on Steam is currently live.

The Multiplayer Pre-Alpha for Company of Heroes 3 will boast one 1v1 map, three 2v2 maps, US Forces and Wehrmacht Factions, Annihilation and Victory Points match types, and the following gameplay modes: Co-Op vs AI, Solo Skirmish vs AI, and PvP (1v1 & 2v2). Relic Entertainment also confirmed that other Factions, play modes, stat tracking, and map sizes are presently in active development but won't appear in the upcoming pre-alpha build.

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