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Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Multiplayer

Hogwarts Legacy, a future action role-playing game from Avalanche Software and Portkey Games occur the Wizarding World universe, is a single-player experience and will not feature multiplayer content. Originally announced in September of 2022, Hogwarts Legacy is set to let players explore the famous wizarding school in the Harry Potter series in a completely new single-player experience happening hundreds of years before the era of the books they are based on. While the game will undoubtedly be a totally new and refreshing Harry Potter experience, the game will not allow players to duel or contend with one another.

Choosing to pay attention to a tightly-crafted single-player game experience isn't just a bad thing. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, another single-player role-playing game, had lots of action-adventure charm to make it one of the standout game releases of 2022. There is still room for video games to balk multiplayer game modes in support of truly unique single-player stories. If the most recent gameplay footage from the game will be believed, this really is Avalanche Software's focus in developing Hogwarts Legacy.

According to the official Hogwarts Legacy FAQ page, “Hogwarts Legacy is really a single player experience and doesn't have online or co-op gameplay.” The page, however, also highlights most of the features that the game includes, for example house sorting, broom and beast flight, and (nearly as importantly) Hogwarts Legacy's lack of microtransactions or other in-game purchases. These features lend increasing credibility to Hogwarts Legacy because the next great head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy Will Not Include Multiplayer Content

Though Hogwarts Legacy players will not be able to play cooperatively or face one another in duels, the sport has plenty to provide for Harry Potter fans. Players will be able to experience Hogwarts milestones that belongs to them, such as taking potion classes, making new friends and companions, and battling against Dark Wizards utilizing a bevy of learned spells. Little is known about the extent of the story content in Hogwarts Legacy, but players may also be in a position to attend classes the Harry Potter books and films skipped, for example Arithmancy, Study of Ancient Runes, and even Muggle Studies.

As the hype builds for Hogwarts Legacy, speculation on its story and gameplay content grows. With the game taking place in the 1800's, no characters from J. K. Rowling's books will have been present for the events of Hogwarts Legacy, aside from its more otherworldly inhabitants (Nearly Headless Nick is featured in PlayStation's State of Play preview from the game). Hogwarts Legacy is set to open the doors from the Wizarding World sometime in late 2022, with lots of Hogwarts tips for reveal before then.

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