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Single Player Games With Surprisingly Good Multiplayer Modes

Video games are usually more marketed either as single player experiences or as multiplayer. This allows players decide what they need to play based on whether or not they want a more story-driven solo adventure or a party-style romp with friends or complete strangers.

Every occasionally games will blur the lines though, as well as single-player games will include a surprisingly solid multiplayer experience. As gaming has shifted more towards multiplayer more games have added in ways to have fun with friends. Not every one of these happen to be successful, however, many seem to be worth a go.

Uncharted 4

The Last of Us has rightly found its way onto many “greatest games of all time” lists because of its brutally emotional story and superb character writing. The main draw of the game is the heart-wrenching story and the relationship between lead characters Ellie and Joel, so a tacked-on multiplayer mode seemed superfluous at best.

Players go ahead and take role of either a Firefly or a Hunter because they find it hard to keep their clan alive through a 12-week period. The majority of the gameplay remains like the campaign, however with added features to tie it better into a multiplayer environment. Teamwork and strategy are essential to survival, and the mode seems to keep players committed to their clan so they want to have them alive. It isn't about Joel and Ellie, but it's still definitely worth a play.

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