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Cod: Vanguard's Team MVP Selection Makes Multiplayer Better

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The MVP selection in Cod: Vanguard is an enjoyable aspect of multiplayer matches. The incentive promotes players to remain the entire game, with bonuses provided to those participating in the end-game vote. Despite current issues with Vanguard, this element is a refreshing touch.

After no more any game mode match, players obtain a option to select who their team MVP is. When the play-of-the-game cam is over, three contenders showcase their operators on an animated menu screen for fifteen seconds. Their specific accolades and stats, like “Most Multi-Kills” or “Highest E/D Ratio,” get into swaying their teammates to vote for them. All players get an initial +25 XP reward for voting, but the winner takes more. This technique is the first time the phone call of Duty franchise has had an in-game MVP voting system. The brand new element gives competitive players something to become happy about, other than Vanguard's new Warzone maps.

Rewarding competition and XP bonuses are what make the team MVP selection in Cod: Vanguard so enjoyable. Hard work that players contribute during matches used to go unnoticed frequently. However, this new system recognizes individual performance that helps the whole team out.

CoD: Vanguard Competition & XP Bonuses Make Team MVP Rewarding

Call of Duty reaches the forefront of competitive FPS multiplayer games, so it's only fitting that Sledge Hammer Games studio added another element of competition towards the mix. It promotes players to remain centered on the sport mode's objective and stay the whole match – which has been a large problem in past games with “rage quitters” making their teammates pick up double the work. Players may use their best Cod: Vanguard loadout to create a run for the MVP spot. Helping and coordinating with teammates to win also plays a substantial role in that chance, but it all is dependant on player choice and opinion.

In accessory for the enjoyment, competitive experience, earning free +25 XP points is a bonus to the MVP selection. It's not a lot, however they can add up over time because consistent MVP wins give players much more XP. The selection system has become another way to earn more points on top of the rest of the extras. Other in-game earnings have had issues recently, like Vanguard's double weapon XP not working, so all the XP accumulates with time.

Despite its simplicity, Cod: Vanguard's team MVP selection product is among the best new inclusions in the series. Enjoying the competitive incentives and XP bonuses have made multiplayer matches fun and rewarding. Sledgehammer Games will likely keep this mechanic for future COD games if the most of players like it.

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