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Why Halo Infinite's Campaign Is really a Separate Download Than Multiplayer

It feels as though Halo Infinite has released, but December 8 was its official launch date, which brought another download for the long awaited campaign. Many Halo Infinite campaign reviews are already dishing out glowing praise for that newly structured gameplay, and now consumers will receive a chance to once again take control of Master Chief. Some who've been playing the multiplayer beta over the last few weeks may find it odd, though, that Infinite now requires a significantly sized download for that campaign's release.

The multiplayer client already gets control 25 gigabytes of storage, but that does not include most of the campaign's game assets. With the way Halo Infinite is launching in pieces (which includes the delayed release of campaign co-op and Forge), the campaign going live is one thing as an additional DLC download, or whenever a live service game starts a new season and adds fresh content. Players who've already got the Halo Infinite multiplayer installed are looking at one more download of roughly another 25gb, though there seems to be some overlap since the final file size will sit just below 50gb.

Complete details on installation information were outlined through the Halo Support Twitter account, letting players understand how large of the update to anticipate for Halo Infinite according to what they might have already installed. There is also a multiplayer update, which is nearly 4gb, releasing alongside the campaign. Anyone who has recently been playing the multiplayer, and it has access to the campaign, should expect the campaign download and the multiplayer update to total somewhere just shy of 30gb, even though there may be slight file size differences depending on platform.

Where To Download Halo Infinite's Campaign

Source: Halo Support

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