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Halo Infinite Leak Hints Five New Multiplayer Maps Are Coming

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is going to be getting a number of new maps, if your recent leak will be believed. Infinite's multiplayer mode, while wildly successful, originates under some criticism because of its insufficient content and problematic microtransaction system, the latter of which is currently being addressed by 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer component launched in front of the game's campaign on November 15, 2022. As the multiplayer continues to be and it is currently receiving loads of praise all corners from the gaming community, with many calling Infinite a much-needed return to form for that franchise, other medication is less satisfied; probably the most pressing concern lies within the game's sluggish, drawn-out progression system, with new cosmetics along with other unlockables taking way too long to acquire. However, complaints have also been raised related to the game's overall lack of content stemming from its limited collection of game modes and list of maps. The information of Infinite's multiplayer continues to be expanded with the help of classic game modes like Fiesta and new cosmetics such as the Cat Ears Helmet, but no new maps happen to be added at the moment.

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This could be changing soon, based on a current Tweet from the Halo Infinite Leaks and News Twitter account that was reported on by Dexerto. The Tweet contained a picture of something that resembles an interior screenshot from 343 Industries portraying blockout versions of 5 different maps underneath the header “Halo Infinite Unreleased Maps.” The simplistic, texture-less images are incomplete versions of what consumers would be getting if the leak is definitely accurate. The body of the Tweet lists what they are called of those new maps: Bath Salts, Cataract, Forbidden, Beltway, and Solitude.

Halo Infinite Unreleased Maps #HaloInfinite
Bath Salts

— Halo Infinite Leaks & News (Infinite Leaks) (@leaks_infinite) January 14, 2022

Just as with any leak that has yet to be commented on by any official source, the announcement of those new maps should be received with a hefty serving of salt. Still, it is clear that 343 Industries is steadily working to improve and expand the sport with new unlockables and fixes for such things as Big Team Battle. Infinite's multiplayer has been out for roughly two months at this time, so an update containing an array of new maps is way from inconceivable.

Whether or otherwise these maps will satisfy Halo Infinite's passionate fanbase will remain to be seen. The preliminary images distributed to this Tweet don't do much for creating a strong impression of what these maps will be enjoy playing in. Either way, new maps will likely be added to Halo Infinite sooner or later.

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