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South Park Multiplayer Game: Which Characters Ought to be Playable?

With a new, possibly multiplayer South Park game coming over the horizon, there are specific fan-favorite characters that players would love to experience in-game. Due to a job listing which was posted by Question Games, it may be a multiplayer experience, but there isn't currently much known about the title except for the fact that the job listing is asking for a Lead Level Designer which has shipped a minumum of one multiplayer game, or has an equivalent or relevant experience to their name. The final South Park game that hit consoles was South Park: The Fractured But Whole, that was an RPG title released in 2022.

The multiplayer game is confirmed to be in 3D, immediately differencing itself in the Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole. With all of this in mind, it's interesting to determine what direction the series will head in if the new South Park game doesn't take the RPG route again. The purpose of the previous titles keeping their 2D structure seemed to be getting the player feel immersed in the game as though their character was really within the show.

The past two games allowed players not only to play as their own created characters but the other kids as well, also it offers up speculation around what characters may be playable next. Since the release of The Fractured But Whole, The show went through multiple seasons and specials, introducing several new characters towards the already long list of residents of South Park. With every character having their own unique set of skills, weapons, and talents pertaining to their personality and traits, seeing these characters playable on consoles later on could be welcome. With South Park having lots of celebrity guest appearances, there is no telling what can happen.

South Park's New Game Could Feature The Unpredictable Randy Marsh

While there is some controversy behind the South Park character Chef, he would make a welcome addition to the player roster, particularly since his trademark witty dialogue could provide lots of hilarious one-liners for any South Park multiplayer game. Chef came back within the Stick of Truth like a boss fight where he was reanimated like a Nazi zombie. Such a guise will make sense, and lots of other characters could get exactly the same treatment, as each of them has almost endless costume possibilities because of their actions on the show. Until more is revealed about what kind of genre the brand new South Park multiplayer game is going to be, fans can only hope their most favorite characters make the cut around the roster.

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