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Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer Arriving 2022 According To Insider

A prominent gaming industry insider is claiming that the multiplayer component during the last of Us 2 will release in 2022. The first Last of Us launched with multiplayer, which lasted until the servers shut down in 2022, but The Last people 2 launched with only a single-player campaign, and players were left wondering when multiplayer could be coming. Precious little is known about the multiplayer, including whether or not Last people 2 multiplayer is going to be free. Now, though, that may be changing.

Initially, once the Last people 2 launched, Naughty Dog promised that multiplayer was visiting the sport, and said that the plans for this had been too ambitious which the developer had chosen to concentrate its efforts on the campaign instead. Since that time, very little news originates out concerning the multiplayer. Naughty Dog has said the Last people 2 multiplayer is a standalone title as opposed to an accessory for the base game. Back in September, for the celebration of what it known as the Last of Us day, Naughty Dog released a small update about Last people 2 multiplayer, stating that work on the expansion continues and that the developer is hiring more employees to develop the work. Beyond that, though, the studio offered no suggestion as to when the multiplayer would release or how it would play. There's been no footage or release window given.

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Now, though, a tweet from insider Tom Henderson shows that the multiplayer may in fact be slated to release in 2022. These details comes on the heels of Sony's 2022 CES Press Conference, and much more specifically states that multiple unnamed sources have stated the multiplayer project could release within the second half of 2022, along with the remake of The Last of Us. There is no official confirmation of this or any other rumors about The Last people 2 multiplayer, though job listings do address microtransactions. With Naughty Dog's silence continuing since late September 2022, it's anyone's guess once the multiplayer project is coming.

That too 🙂

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) January 5, 2022

There's no telling when more information concerning the multiplayer mode might release. If it's, in fact, to appear within the latter half of 2022, it stands to reason that Naughty Dog would begin talking about it soon to drum up interest. During the time of writing, there don't appear to become plans to have an official Naughty Dog announcement or a Playstation showcase or State of Play. For now, job listings, leaks, and insider tips are anyone needs to continue. Naughty Dog does still appear to have plenty of job openings for positions directly referencing multiplayer, such as the aforementioned listing about microtransactions. When the company is still hiring, the game may still maintain active development.

Until an official announcement is released, the status from the Last of Us 2's multiplayer is anyone's guess. A wide open letter from Naughty Dog co-founder Neil Druckmann did state that the organization is working on its next group of games, so Naughty Dog might be planning a big announcement of everything it's focusing on all at once. Gamers will just have to wait and see for the time being.

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