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Nintendo Switch Latest Update Adds More Organization Features And Bluetooth Enhancements

Exploring the options that Nintendo can perform to enhance the Nintendo Switch further, the firm continues to deliver on requested features because of its handheld console hybrid. This past year, Nintendo officially established Bluetooth support for the Nintendo Switch. Nearly after four years, the firm in acted around the outcry for the feature.

Additionally, Nintendo recently in 2022 welcomed Missions & Rewards. While not a direct implementation for that UI or adding a brand new element to the way the Nintendo Switch operates, it will welcome a brand new layer of customization that is not custom/unique themes somewhere. Players can complete challenges to unlock avatars along with other account cosmetics to bring more character to their account.

In a brand new reveal now, Nintendo shipped update for Ver. 14.0.0 which includes a new group feature to categorized your games alongside improving upon the Bluetooth support for Nintendo Switch too.

“Groups” feature was put into the All Software menu.

You can now create groups of software to help organize your software titles.
Making groups for different game genres, developers, or whatever you want to organize by could make it easier to discover the application you would like.
As much as 100 groups can be produced having a max of 200 titles per group.
The button to proceed to the “All Software” screen is displayed only if you will find 13 or more software title icons around the system.

Bluetooth(R) Audio volume behavior was changed.

You are now able to adjust the level of Bluetooth audio devices using either the Nintendo SwitchTM console or through volume control buttons around the Bluetooth audio device.
The Bluetooth audio device must support AVRCP profiles of these changes to work.
The amount shown on the console will reflect the Bluetooth audio volume while using the device's control buttons.
The utmost volume output for some Bluetooth audio devices has been increased.
When first connecting a tool, volume will disappear to prevent sudden loudness.

Expanding on additional features for Nintendo Switch in recent months, you ought to be familiar with the addition of the Nintendo Switch Online tier. In that, subscribers can pay for a new option including Nintendo 64 & Sega Genesis virtual libraries for $49.99 annually. The service also includes expansions for example Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass.

Ahead of the addition for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, credible leaker Nate the Hate expressed certainty the GameBoy gets an update as well later on. Eurogamer also claimed to corroborate around the story too. Read the entire report by heading here.

Are you happy using the new features put into Nintendo Switch?

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