Path of Exile Update 3.14.1c Patch Notes

Update 3.14.1c is here for Way of exileand this is actually the full list of changes and fixes put in this patch.

While we haven’t added any new content with this 3.14.1c update, a lot of bug fixes have been implemented in the game to stabilize the issues we experienced with the prior update. Actually, this patch contains a part of the previous update in its core, with sophisticated optimizations and improvements. Various issues were previously reported, such as: B. Portals that aren't in working order. The lapidary lens is not in working order. With this update everything seems to be in order. So download it before continuing your trip into the current season.

Path of Exile Update 3.14.1c Patch Notes

Note: This patch contains updates from three.14.1b, which we added at the end of this informative article for reference.

Console-specific changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented safehouse rewards from being tripled.
  • Fixed an insect that caused portals to teleport to the most recently selected law rather than the current law.
  • Fixed an issue with the corruption altar and lapidary lens that showed still it had uses after it had been no more used.
  • A contextual prompt continues to be put into the corruption altar and lapidary lens.

General fixes and improvements

  • It was clarified the harvest craft, which turns a unique item into a random unique weapon, may also turn the item into a random unique quiver. Case a general change in description.
  • Fixed a slip in which the unique Hateforge Gloves were incorrectly applied to skills supported by Totems, Traps and Mines, allowing Vaal skills for use freely without any cost or limit. We're currently looking for a solution that will permit these gloves to utilize traps and mines again if at all possible.
  • Fixed a bug with the Elementalist’s Bastion of Elements where Primal Aegis would not be reapplied if you died in an area.
  • Fixed an insect with the unique shield of Mahuxotl’s Machination where the Eternal Sacrifice would sometimes fail to trigger when reaching the shield at full power.
  • Fixed an insect where the Icestorm skill granted through the Whispering Ice’s unique staff couldn't be based on Arcanist Brand.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Gluttony of the Elements skill, granted through the unique Blood of Corruption amulet, from healing you and also nearby allies when taking elemental damage.
  • Fixed an insect that allowed Herald of Agony, based on arrogance, to prevent the summoned Agony Crawler from attacking.
  • Fixed a problem in which the “Defeat the Trialmaster while he is on the Trialmaster’s Leash and with no player being hit by the Trialmaster’s heart” wouldn't always complete when the conditions were met.
  • Fixed a problem where players inside a party who were no more participating in an energetic ultimatum encounter could continue to be impacted by ruin.
  • Fixed a bug using the Restless Ground III modifier in ultimatum encounters where monsters were revived because Phantasms couldn't use Ruin.
  • Fixed a bug where the small nodes “Additional Sample Rewards” in the passive tree of the Valdo Rest Atlas sometimes provided fewer additional samples with rewards than intended.
  • Fixed an insect that prevented the Divination Card “Wasted Prosperity” from counting towards the “Unique Card” reward criteria for that “Discard Divination Cards” challenge.
  • Fixed an insect that allowed tortured spirits to possess Alva within the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Fixed an insect that allowed Tormented Spirits to possess Conquerors during their portal animation in Conqueror-influenced maps.
  • Fixed a flickering problem with a few of the abilities of Sirus, the awakening from the worlds.
  • Fixed a bug where quality components of your stash could not be filtered using the “+” sign.
  • Fixed a visible bug that could cause the wrong amount of Voltaxic Sulphite to become displayed in exchange when completing a card should you be assigned the Sulphite Infusion Atlas passive skill.
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the minions life bars were slightly misaligned.
  • Fixed a visible bug that prevented Delirium Fog from covering water within the Syndrome Camp.
  • An instance crash has been fixed.

Fixes and enhancements for microtransactions

  • Fixed an insect in which the microtransaction from the bleached skull helmet created an unintended glow-in-the-eye effect.
  • Fixed an insect that prevented the microtransactions using the Ethercraft weapon effect from being correctly put on the microtransaction with steam-powered weapons.
  • Fixed an insect where the microtransaction using the Innocence Character Effect would sometimes create an unintended trail.
  • Fixed an insect that prevented the microtransaction with the invisible buff effect with petrified blood from working properly.
  • Fixed an insect in which the microtransaction using the Lightbringer weapon effect was not correctly applied to two-handed axes and maces.
  • Fixed a problem where the Nightfall Weapon Effect microtransaction could temporarily lose its effect when used with the Nightfall Flame Dash microtransaction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the microtransaction using the Vanguard appearance effect to create an unintended distortion effect.
  • Fixed a visible bug that could occur should you became fanatic while wearing the Black Body Armor microtransaction.
  • Fixed a visual bug that may occur when utilizing Crackling Lance using the Stormcaller Gloves microtransaction.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Merchant Cloak microtransaction.

3.14.1b Patch Notes

  • It was clarified the room from the Shrine of Empowerment and the room from the Shrine of Unity within the Temple of Atzoatl require connection of adjacent rooms in order for these to be upgraded. This is just a change in description.
  • Fixed an insect where harvest plans could grant fewer than four skills. Each act now correctly grants four or five trades per act.
  • Fixed an insect that caused the blades from the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier to persist after the encounter was completed.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters in ultimatum encounters could teleport over your character and stop you against moving.
  • Fixed an insect that caused Plague Cards anointed with blue-green oils to spawn monsters faster than intended.
  • Fixed an insect that caused Cameria the Cold Blood to obtain stuck endlessly together with his Ice Spike skill during Treason encounters.
  • Fixed a visible bug that sometimes caused incorrect recipes to make beasts to appear when capturing beasts.
  • Fixed a customer crash that may occur when swapping weapons if your gloves were enchanted by having an “of Spite” modifier.
  • Fixed a client crash that may occur throughout the Malachai encounter, The Nightmare.
  • An instance crash has been fixed.

Way of exile is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For additional info on the game, see official website.

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