Ten best Action Games on PC – Ultimate 2022 List

They have become legends within their worlds. They act imperceptibly, abandoning only corpses. They are able to show ingenuity to attain a goal. Those are the heroes of a selection of the best stealth games on PC. The first title with stealth mechanics was launched in 1979 and was called Manbiki Shounen: players' task ended up being to steal profit stores, without being noticed. However, the Guinness Book of Records calls the “005” game released in 1981 the very first example of the genre.

Gradually, the genre acquired its typical features, took its high-profile games and whole franchises. Within this review, we'll share with you the 2022 listing of the best Stealth Action games according to the GameTop. Let's move on!

1. Hitman Series

Hitman 3 is the third edition of the relaunched series about a bald killer having a barcode on his neck named Forty-Seven. The third part offers extensive locations, where the agent must find and eliminate his targets utilizing a number of methods, while simultaneously trying not to be noticed by the guards.

Players can either improvise and draw up their plans, or trust the developers, who offer several options for solving the issue using optional tasks. The series contains eight games, each of which is a real masterpiece, so every fan of the genre should definitely take a look at all its releases, including the classic games of the early 2000s.

2. Splinter Cell Series

Splinter Cell is a stealth action video game. In total, the sport will be available in three styles called ghost, panther, and assault. Together with confronting the government, Sam fights terrorists and tries to save the planet. Sam can enter the room at any time in a number of ways, and also the task could be completed without firing just one shot and without being noticed by anyone.

3. Metal Gear Series

Metal Gear Solid was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. The game tells the story of the anti-terrorist operation in the nuclear weapons base on the island of Shadow Moses, captured by a group of special forces from the Fox Hound unit. Since then, many editions of the series have been released making the sport one of the best within the genre.

4. Dishonored Series

Dishonored is a steampunk first-person Action Stealth with elements of an RPG. The sport happens in the fictional city of Dunwall, inspired by Victorian London. The protagonist of the game, Lord Protector Corvo Attano, after being accused of murdering the Empress and escaping from prison, attempts to take revenge on his enemies by joining a rebel group that intends to overthrow god Regent and give power to Princess Emilia.

5. Assassin's Creed Series

Assassin's Creed is definitely an open-world action-adventure game about the medieval assassin Altair, a member of the Assassin Order. Having failed an extremely important task, Altair is missing out on all his awards and ranks and it is instructed to climb the career ladder on your own, destroying the important thing figures of the Templars who've flooded the Holy Land. In the role of this extremely skillful assassin, players will travel a vast territory, visit several medieval cities and meet many prominent historical figures.

6. Thief Series

The games take place in a steampunk world reminiscent of both the late Middle Ages and also the Victorian era. The game is one of the adventures from the master thief Garrett and the student Erin who find themselves in a whirlpool of mystical events. The gameplay from the last part is dependant on the options of the players, as well as on covert movement with the levels.

7. Styx Series

This is really a spin-off RPG of the “Of Orcs and Men” about a goblin named Styx. The goal of the goblin is to sneak into the magic tower unnoticed to be able to learn its secrets and be powerful. The 2nd edition offers unprecedented freedom of movement, sophisticated stealth, and silent kill mechanics that greatly enhance and expand the Styx: Master of Shadows' advantages.

8. Deus Ex Series

The world has split up into two parts, each of which – augmented and ordinary people – does not tolerate one another. Jensen, an agent of Interpol's special unit, finds himself dragged in a conspiracy to portray augmented people as terrorists. Adam has to personally deal with this issue. In the course of your research, much more frightening circumstances are revealed than were known initially, and Adam has to make difficult choices which will somehow affect the future of the divided world.

9. Watch Dogs Series

The third bet on the Watch Dogs series takes place working in london that undergoes Brexit. Like previous games, it is really an open-world action game where one can navigate on foot or using a variety of vehicles. It differs from the prior parts of the series through the ability to manage just about any NPC. This hero will have a full group of animations, voice acting, personal characteristics, and appearance, and some plot points will differ based on who's underneath the control of the player at the moment.

10. Tomb Raider Series

Lara Croft has to apply her survival skills and learn how to trust new friends in a colorful game world. The events take place in Siberia where Lara would go to unravel the secret of Kitezh-grad, along with the key to immortality, which can help her save her friend Sam. In route of the girl, you will find people in the secret organization called Trinity who are also looking to get to Kitezh. The gameplay hasn’t changed much because the first part – will still be a third-person action game where Lara travels around the big world, fighting opponents, creating various consumables for herself, and seeking to outlive in the difficult conditions of snowy Siberia.

In Conclusion

Of course, this is not a complete list of the experience Stealth games to test. We recommend you to stick to the news from the upcoming releases and employ your talent in brand-new games. What are your preferred Action Stealth games? Share your lists around in the comments.

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